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  1. Have you got anything on your master channel?

  2. I did but it's turned off and even when I remove it completely from the master it's still latent. I'm so confused

  3. It’s all good, it sounds like you’re going to have to use a workaround for this one tho, if you render the stems and record your guitar in a project with the stems and then bounce the recorded guitar part back to the troublesome project you’ll at least be able to keep moving things along and you’ll still have your midi available. It’s not ideal but at least you’ll be able to continue working

  4. Chino Moreno, Maynard James Keenan, Robert plant, and not because I like his voice but geddy Lee.

  5. I'd stay out of the pit unless you've been to high intensity metal shows of this caliber before personally.

  6. I'll admit I was bummed at first when I realized they wouldn't be playing at this tour but after the show was over I was not disappointed at all. They honestly could have played any of their songs and I would have had a great time

  7. Wait is that a 6 string? How do you tune that low on that?

  8. It’s a Schecter CR6 and I’m using the transposer on Neural DSP Archetype Petrucci. A little muddy, like the other guy said, but I’ll take that trade off for some thicc djent action without dropping a stack on a new 8 string lol

  9. I feel that I'm using a pitch shifter on my seven 36.35 scale as well for low stuff

  10. No I mean was this inspired by that book? The lyrics remind me of the stranger by Camus

  11. Yeah that's what I was asking on my original comment. Thanks

  12. Trillian, nuclear bass by Odeholm audio, and djinnbass.

  13. drop F is very ambitious for a 7 string. F to A# is also a huge range for the same string set. Strandberg 7 is only 26.25" on the long side, so anything below A is pushing it. You can get to G with thick strings (>70). Use a string tension calculator.

  14. I just got my strandberg boden multi-scale 7-string not that long ago. I just bought some new strings and put them on myself but I wish someone had done it for me because I messed it up. I got a larger gauge and I'm trying to down tune to f but every time I try I don't know how to get rid of the fret buzz and the floppiness. I've also been told you need to address the intonation, action, truss rod tension, and the bridge position for different tunings and string gauges but I want to be able to play between drop F and A# if possible without having to completely redo my setup every time I change tunings but I don't know if that's possible. I've been asking a lot of people how to do this and a lot of people have tried to explain it but it's too confusing and I'm just too dumb to understand it unfortunately so I'm going to have to take it to a tech but I'm really worried that they're not going to know what they're doing either and still charge me and mess it up more.

  15. Hey man this is awesome! Would you teach me how to mix metal and get a better tone? 🥹🤍🤟🏿

  16. Thanks so much! Yes ill be posting a video on my youtube in the future on my tone/mixing for sure 😁

  17. I've heard in interviews them specifically say that they don't care if people call them djent and that they find humor so yeah....

  18. Have a look at the factory presets folder. I actually enjoy the 7 and 8 string presets they have.

  19. I have I just haven't gone through them all yet. I will check them out again. I have like eight different neural dsps right now so I have a bit of option paralysis lol

  20. I am in the pit right in front of the guy sitting down on the right. My brother and I got in the second row early in the show and kept our spot. It was fucking killer. Up front on the sides was pretty calm besides rational gaze lol. Center front looked like they were going nuts. I was tempted to move that way but decided I’d rather keep the spot and just watch the band.

  21. Hell yeah bro. It looks like a lot of fun up there but I'm getting old now and I definitely can't hang up front especially not at a show like this anymore. I was up on this right side by the bar by the stage where the handicap section was. I did move all the way to the back up onto the bleachers towards the end though and I got to say the light show and the sound quality up there was so much freaking better than up front in my opinion. Maybe I'm biased but I just like being able to get a really good view of the light show and also up close it was so loud and I didn't have earphones towards the back the sound sounded way clearer

  22. Tru. It normally sounds good for live prog metal shows. I recorded animals as leaders and the contortionist this year and it was as clear as day. Meshuga is definitely too high gain for my phone to handle though

  23. I know this is arbitrary but you look exactly like my friend Reese

  24. First time seeing them myself, as a huge fan. They destroyed. I wanted more when it was over, felt so short. Broken Cog brought tears to my eyes. Straws was a treat, and In Death, of course, c33 being my fav. 'Shuggah are masters, hope they know what kind of heroes they are.

  25. Fr it felt so short. That's probably because I forgot my wallet in my car and had to run back so I missed the first two songs SMH

  26. Genuinely perplexed by this. The zero fret makes the action reliably low and predictable. I dislike the zero fret as it can ping but setting up a strandberg is extremely set and forget. Changing string gauge is a pain as you have to adjust intonation but that's true on all guitars and strandberg is simple to do just kind of a pain as you have to take the stuff off

  27. Well I guess I'm just retarded then lol because it's really confusing for me

  28. Have you checked out the presets on the archetype abbasi?

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