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  1. I used to be a member would love to support them

  2. How come the actual Jordan Peterson videos don't get as much traction as rightwing memes or videos on this sub?

  3. You criminals of the crime of being

  4. Joe needs to start naming names. He goes in on democrats when they do something dumb but when it's marijuana he'll do a little weed should be legal speech but won't call out Abbot, Desantis or whoever is in power and put on the heat

  5. Needs a refund on those supplements

  6. Rogan talks politics a lot, lives in Texas and is friends with Greg Abbott

  7. “Don’t California my Texas” people will be down bad if Beto wins 😂

  8. Of course you're allowed just be prepared for criticisms about centrism

  9. Curious what they'd say about the Paris Commune

  10. JP's right though. No one cares about what Vaush "H2O isn't water" thinks.

  11. But wouldn't JP be breaking one of his rules? The one about assume the person your talking to knows something you don't

  12. Think Joe turned on NDT when Neil grilled him on his height

  13. Pretty sure she stole this from Confucius

  14. They just had to make things political, they could have made things less political if they had just used George Washington or Ronald Reagan

  15. Holy shit this might be worse than gringo papi

  16. Agreed with this. I like the feeling of just being another faction, I don't want to feel special as the player

  17. "Wealth of knowledge and experience they can bring to the classroom"....

  18. It's real callers, but it's silly callers who don't know how to argue. It means nothing, it's like a sketch.

  19. Why are you against the free market of ideas

  20. Between Sigvald, Nkari, Azaezel, Morarthi and Malus that's a lot of slanesh corruption

  21. Don't worry we still got Kpop and anime 😅

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