1. Low key hope Ray is hiding money from her. Escape fund!

  2. I think their storyline on the show is somewhat scripted but Kayla’s love and obsession with Kevin is not. Those tears were for real. I have NO idea what she sees in him though.

  3. Ive been using this app for a while but i didnt know the coins were worth anything. you cant trade it anywhere.

  4. imagine if mainnet was open when only 5% of users have pi coins.

  5. Just yesterday I bought a whole pack of champagne glasses with Pi, it is tradeable.

  6. I doubt it… they both must really be into the color red.

  7. red colored bedroom and a black bed set. 🤦‍♂️ dude isn’t exactly frank lloyd wright

  8. He's had that same Walmart bedspread the entire season. His bedroom wall is also filthy and has a hole in it.

  9. Fintechs can have all the tech stacks and APIs in the world but without deposits they can’t compete with larger lenders/banks. One of those fintechs emerges with top 25 (USA) deposits plus useful Tech and then I can see it. Not sure who is closest in the US, maybe SOFI?

  10. fintech’s meaning companies like chime, stash, etc. they are merely updating the interface of a bank but the tech behind it is still using the old financial system. swift, clearing, etc. eventually crypto will make all of this obsolete.

  11. yea i said eventually. ain’t gonna happen in a week. or a month.

  12. there’s a conspiracy that mike is the undertakers pallbearer guy from wwf. they look like twins.

  13. What phone and OS are you using? If it’s a “dynamic” island, can you move it?

  14. Can you move the “dynamic island” using any Settings? New versions of iPhone should give you more options (added utility).

  15. that’s one of the pitfalls of IOS. they only give you so many options.

  16. I did a deeeeep dive @mizzmarie3

  17. typical usd trash. i love USD and have skated almost every iteration of skates they’ve ever made. theyre decent skates but always shoddy and have some defect about them. the classic thrones had so many screws holding the souls to the boot that you always had to have some sort of footpad underneath your liner or the screws would impact your feet.

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