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  1. two entirely different generations of youtubers interacting. wild.

  2. It's a shame because I did like the.... one or two trailers they silently put out.

  3. at least make sure they're doing it right

  4. it's so frustrating to think it was an entire month (and one day) of occupied protests and the police did nothing.

  5. Feel like you missed a pretty important word in that title there OP

  6. I would hope that they're against it, geeze

  7. She just gave out $2.4 billion which should have just went into healthcare.

  8. Six months of benefits that'll end almost exactly on election day.

  9. Back in my day, when two people filled with fighting spirit made eye contact in the Wild they knew then and there.

  10. "Nothing to it, young man. We'd sprint at each other, full tilt, because we knew a fight was on and it was YOUR pocket change on the line!"

  11. most of those "X is garbage and here's why" essays including the ones that started it by Lily Orchard.

  12. Man, I like Dan playing stuff but I don’t like Arin when he’s playing. I actually bought a game the other day because I saw GG playing it…poorly. It looked super interesting but not really up my alley, but Arin seemed to intent on playing it badly that I had to buy it just to see it done right.

  13. a decent part of GG is Arin spending more time making jokes than paying strong attention to the game he's playing. Which is why he tends to skip tutorials altogether and doesn't enjoy heavily story-centric games.

  14. He should be asked point blank about it as the first question when he 'gets back'. He had a lot to say about it before. Only right that he's allowed to contribute his 'thoughts' on cryptocurrency in case he wants to walk it back. LOL

  15. But he can't allow himself to be caught "making a mistake". It goes against PP's entire plan of avoiding any interactions that could end up not going in his favor.

  16. I really want to know which tool was used to generate this, holy shit.

  17. probably an AI that emulates voices. I think there's been a few disco elysium posts like this.

  18. i wonder how bad it is behind the scenes at Disney they essentially fired bob without warning

  19. bad enough to go and ask the original guy to come back?

  20. He sounds like an incredible guy

  21. They just can't get their heads around the fact that being decent human beings concerned with real problems isn't a "game."

  22. they can't seem to accept that the other side can be empathetic towards others without any personal gain. Or, I guess they don't want to accept that.

  23. Mainstreet's been reporting extremely high CPC numbers basically all year.

  24. they also had the CPC at the highest chance of winning during the federal election.

  25. It's the kind of thing they knew they could ONLY do once

  26. Just wait until they finally get into that money pit on Oak Island!

  27. the scene at Boebert's election party is dire

  28. Tell me there is video of her face when she loses.

  29. Nothing of when she loses (yet) (hopefully) but there are pictures of

  30. This is arguably a commendable thing in a world where people are threatening violence because someone dressed up differently to read at a library.

  31. It's also a pretty nice show of a PM who doesn't take himself so seriously that he'd never participate in something fun like this

  32. Is it bad I unironically want to see the humanized social media stuff come back now

  33. it's 2022 we can be as cringe as we want to be

  34. Transformers Beast Wars is famous now for being a tightly-written story about the descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons fighting to ensure the Great War doesn't happen again.

  35. Remember that time Musk brought a prototype "bulletproof" car on stage and demonstrated its toughness... by smashing a hole in the door window.

  36. What's even better is that the test wouldn't even have been a good indicator (positive or negative) that the glass was tough. A slow-moving metal ball and a bullet aren't even in the same league of forces. Plenty of things could resist one and not the other, especially something that is as complex as glass.

  37. Someone likely told him that theoretically the windows could be indestructible, and he ran with it because he can't stop himself from acting like the smartest man in any room, cranking out one innovation after another.

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