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  1. They generally don't have any problems with anything.

  2. These strange scams are stressing me out a lot, I'd rather use Bitfinex

  3. What difference does it make to you who BFX hires? It's their own business.

  4. I would certainly like to earn that much $USDT but is it realistic?

  5. I don't trust them for many reasons and that's why I switched to Bitfinex

  6. They usually invest that kind of money so that someone would look for something bad against BFX (money thrown away)

  7. And what about Bitfinex? They don't participate in it at all.

  8. Now I know where I will use my $USDT next.

  9. It would be better if they supported usdt, somehow I trust them more

  10. I didn't even think about stopping using Tether

  11. Well understood, usdt is transparent, while the other coins are not

  12. I can bet all my money that nothing will happen to Tether

  13. It has long been proven that they have nothing to do with this, stop spreading lies

  14. If there is no one to wait for help, Bitfinex will always come to the rescue and this is a fact

  15. Even three percent would be enough for me to earn Tether

  16. I only trust Tether, all other coins are not stable for me

  17. I am incredibly fond of such an exchange as BFX and I will continue to use it

  18. Never! Remember... Tether will never lose its dollar peg.

  19. It is always interesting for me to read interesting and truthful articles from Tether

  20. It is always interesting for me to read interesting and truthful articles from Tether

  21. He even could not publish it, I already trust this exchange

  22. I am pretty sure that Bitfinex is not waiting for this to be taken into account.

  23. Show me where you saw Tether losing its peg!? Why deceive people?!

  24. Switch to USDT and you will understand what a big difference between them

  25. I don’t see the point of exchanging Tether in their case and why they do it, I don’t understand

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