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  1. This sounds so much better and something I might actually watch

  2. So many mistakes - the missed FG, multiple bad snaps from the second string corner (who then got hurt for our 58th injury), terrible clock management both halves and just overall looked like the “plucky but stupid” bills of 2019. Need to clean it up significantly to be competitive and half the team is hurt.

  3. I'm all for home field advantage but blame the Bills for not bringing tents.

  4. Pretty sure that’s not allowed actually. Which is insane

  5. Straight threw it into the dirt. You all down voted me because I pointed out his accuracy wasn't perfect still.

  6. Yea he ain’t perfect. I’d still pay money to gargle his balls. Dude go enjoy your win and get off Reddit 😂

  7. I think he'll be fine. Didn't look too serious. I'm glad Tua isn't in confusion protocol. I'm guessing his wobbling came from the heat and wind being knocked out of him.

  8. I actually read somewhere it was a back injury and not concussion which is why he sort of buckled and then came back quick, sounds like gonna be nothing serious. That was scary to see though

  9. I couldn’t give less of a shit

  10. I feel like my heart is gonna explode, is that normal

  11. Oh yeah. Welcome to being a Bills fan!!

  12. Never stops and apparently contrary to a lot of people on this sub I made it my priority to work on these behaviors. Lots of folks in these comments talking about how cute/funny it is that their huge dog jumps. Having been on the other side of it as a smaller female and had ruined clothes, knocked over etc I beg to differ, and it’s dangerous with kids. Same with play biting. We got our pup to stop completely with a combination of yelping whenever we felt teeth and IMMEDIATELY stopping play. It took maybe a week. Jumping has been more of a challenge but same idea - disengage, puppy does not get attention unless all four feet are on the ground. During the learning phase we put his leash on when guests are coming or we come home and just stand on the leash so he can’t jump. It’s hard when they are so excited and happy so it takes consistency but is worth it and in my opinion part of being a responsible dog owner.

  13. I’m an older second time mom, nearly 40. They offered me the NIPT and I jumped at it. I wanted to be as prepared as I could. If the baby had Down’s syndrome? No big deal, we’d just be prepared for that. But I really wanted to know about was trisomy. He doesn’t have any form, which was a relief.

  14. FYI Downs is actually a trisomy (trisomy 21), but its the mildest of the common ones (18 and 11). Congratulations on your healthy pregnancy!!

  15. I’m excited for this game and to see if the Dolphins are legit. I said coming into the season that they were the clear 2 in our division. They are scary, that’s for sure.

  16. We also have multiple potential key starters out on defense, realistically probably starting two rookies at CB, so the perfect time for a hot offense to have a huge game.

  17. Trying to show up Tua and Tyreek as the NFL’s most popular power couple

  18. I mean I like tua but I’ll pass on the pregnant woman puncher

  19. So frustrating because there is some truth here - birth can be over medicalised. That being said this specific complaint is silly. Plenty of women want to deliver with their OB that’s been taking care of them their entire pregnancy and often before. Does Morgan expect physicians to be on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year? Studies have shown scheduled 39 week inductions are beneficial re: outcomes, and we’ve been doing scheduled c sections for many years in high risk moms. It’s not only a way to ensure you are being cared for by your own OB but it’s convenient for mom and family too. There is obviously NOTHING wrong w natural labor as well, but scheduled inductions are not the boogeyman she implies. Plenty of things that are routine in medicine nowadays “sound” scary (ie monitoring certain low risk cancers where the treatment side effects outweigh cancer risk) but that doesn’t mean they are wrong. And guess what, while childbirth certainly is “natural” it was very often deadly too before modern medicine, just like plenty of “natural” things. None of these free birth weirdos want to acknowledge that fact.

  20. This is such an insane stat I can’t get over it. Cannot believe he’s our QB. I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and find out he’s on the Pats or something.

  21. So fortunate to be in Buffalo and headed to this game!! It’s so cool to be around town and almost everyone is wearing Bills gear. Man I miss Buffalo!

  22. Frank's Red Hot recipe is the only right answer. Must use bleu cheese dressing and crumbly bleu. Anything with cheddar in it is as lame as boneless wings with ranch.

  23. I sometimes sprinkle some cheddar on top before it goes in the oven 😬😬😬 but my tip is use rotisserie chicken!

  24. For anybody that doesn’t know, deshaun watson (a football quarterback) has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple massage therapists, asking them to do porno type stuff and pressuring two into giving him oral sex. The Cleveland browns recently acquired him before that, but the punishment for his sexual misconduct is really light, leaving a lot of people outraged about it. Obviously not these people though

  25. To clarify he was acquired AFTER the accusations came to light and given a monster contract that was specifically designed so he could face suspension this year and not lose money.

  26. Ravens just leaving hill open is an interesting strat

  27. Don’t they have like 4 CBs out or something crazy

  28. That's like saying you shouldn't sue a surgeon because they amputated the wrong foot. It is a known complication, it's on the consent form, but it can still be negligent. If I performed this procedure on a patient which resulted in a potential earnings loss of millions, I would be expecting a lawsuit.

  29. If you are truly a medical professional you know wrong side surgery is not even on the same planet as a known possible complication, even if the procedure was performed without US…. No consent form has wrong side surgery on it! If he discussed performing blind and the risks, yea it’s a mistake and probably means he’s not great at it but there is no malpractice. If he didn’t then maybe.

  30. My dog did the same thing to my favorite hat last week…it was a vintage one my mom found on eBay and I literally wore it every day! Somehow I managed to find another of the exact same hat and it came just in time for the game. Hope you find a good replacement too (and not for the dog 😜)

  31. Sounds extremely annoying. Good thing I’ll be a our game instead 😁

  32. Are you female? I’ve gotten a couple of those back in the day but usually from other fans 😂 I think people have started to realize how obnoxious that is though it hasn’t happened to me in years. Would certainly make sense for a Pats fan to be oblivious of social norms

  33. Cards defense blitzed a ton which is exactly what you can’t do to Mahomes, that had a lot to do with how dominant they looked (not saying their offense isn’t very good, but that’s exactly the wrong defensive strategy)

  34. Oh hey I’ve got this! However I am lazy and out of shape and therefore it is not causing any problems 😂

  35. A bisexual friend explained her attraction like this: "For men I'm attracted most to personalities, and women it's physical." (Note this is NOT universal.)

  36. For me it’s like a vibe! Something to do w how they carry themselves and behave, plenty of guys I initially thought were unattractive I’ve come to find attractive after getting to know them better. Women I’m just like yay boobs! 😅

  37. The thing is people who didn’t actually watch him play as a rookie will trot out his bad stats, but if you actually watched the games, he showed a ton of promise and potential and had terrible support (kelvin benjamin anyone?). Fans were excited and happy with him that year even with the bad numbers and stupid mistakes, he very often “passed the eye test” and had flashes of greatness.

  38. Wow this is really bad. I actually had to read it twice because I thought I must be missing something, no one can be this stupid. And yeah guess what, you have a public profile about how great your life as a homeschooling mom is, people can and should laugh at you when you make a mistake that is literally almost unimaginably stupid….

  39. Reminds me of a history podcast episode about the locust plague in America in late 1800s, and people literally starved instead of eating the abundant high protein bugs that were EVERYWHERE because “gross”

  40. Are you absolutely sure that was even an option? Locusts don't stick around past the growing season into when the famine starts, do they?

  41. According to the podcast yea. Multiple people advocated eating the locusts and were mostly ignored

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