1. They could, but they decided to show the next ones that will air. Which I believe is correct. If you want to see the next new show you can look on the show page.

  2. Because they are the next showings, which is what that screen is meant to convey.

  3. Matter of opinion. One could say the only implication of “Scheduled” is shows that are scheduled. And we know that not all scheduled shows are displayed, so much preferable IMO to give priority to new and premiere episodes over repeats that the viewer has likely already viewed.

  4. However, you won't be able to watch until it reairs. Best option is just pause and it'll be where you left it when you get back. On FireStick anyway.

  5. I remembered it that way also, but tried it again today on a TCM movie and the recorded fragment was available immediately. This on the Fire TV app running on a Fire Cube, Gen 2. Maybe it depends on the channel or program?

  6. Huh. Does it show up partially recorded in your library? Been here years, this is new behavior to me.

  7. Yes, partial starting from where I first started watching. As I said, this is new behavior and I’ve been on yttv for years too. I hope it is the intentional behavior for all shows now since this is the way it should have always worked.

  8. I’m on the 200/200 plan now which is costing $62/month, which includes the mandatory $12 “tech assure” fee. Checking their website (

  9. OSU would have won without those skips at critical goal line points!

  10. The lifehacker article linked in a previous post is the best explanation I’ve been able to find. (Obviously, YTTV makes no effort to explain, apparently thinking only they are expert enough to use them.)

  11. I wish I understood what you’re wishing for. I feel left out because apparently 9 others did understand based on the upvotes. Is this something that only applies to some particular viewing device?

  12. Oooh! Kissy, kissy! For you a special rate increase for super satisfied customers! Better yet, subscribe to these add-ons (which was the goal of YTTV providing them, of course). Did you think they were just being nice?

  13. LOL, you haven’t come close to the record! I had an issue that I reported to support in January 2021, which wasn’t resolved until April 2022! YTTV acknowledged the issue and every time I enquired I got the standard boilerplate response that they were working on it and would let me know when it was fixed. But one day it was fixed and I was never notified.

  14. Heres the gorilla in the room: Blink is low cost and doesn’t require wiring to an outside camera. Performance isn’t ideal but please name a system that doesn’t cost a lot more and that can work without wiring to outside cameras.

  15. This is happening to me. Went from every 4-5 days now it’s multiple times a day. Doesn’t seem app specific. HBO, YTTV, YT, Spotify. I just updated fire tv cube and it’s less than a month old newest version. 300 MBS internet. I don’t get it.

  16. My problems ended last April (2022) and it only affected YTTV and YouTube. And it never occurred more often than once every 4 days. Also I have the Cube Gen 2 while it seems you have Gen 3. So you are having a different, and much worse, issue than I did. Probably should start a new thread.

  17. Have another beer and maybe it won’t bother you!

  18. Can’t be done. You will most likely find a few other irritating things too. YTTV isn’t aimed at being an exact replacement for cable TV.

  19. Sorry, "Cant" be done? Would certainly think its in the realm of possibility. Not expecting an "exact" replacement for cable TV, but if you can "mark as watched" on one app, would be nice to have feature parity other apps.

  20. Of course. I meant it can’t be done (by users) with the current Fire app, which I use and also am irritated by. I’ve been using YTTV for three years now and like I said, you will find other things to be irritated by. And many of them just never get addressed. Like it or lump it!

  21. If you think this is a “junk” fee, how about increasing the mandatory “Technology” fee from $10 to $12 (and cleverly renaming it also)? This is a huge portion of what you pay and they hide it in their advertised rates.

  22. Pretty sure your answer is “no”. YTTV has an “unlimited” DVR but the UI gets so cluttered if you record a lot of shows that it puts a practical limit on how many shows you want to record. I wonder if that’s deliberate on their part?

  23. Fewer recordings means less workload for their servers.

  24. Not an issue for me but frequently issues arise for just some users, or just some channels, or just some locations, and for just some time periods. Definitely not correct behavior, so contact support.

  25. Um I'd be weary. We're on Spectrum for now until we switch to metronet. We're paying $75 a month @ $900 A YEAR for 300 down, 10 up.

  26. I’m wary (and weary) already. I switched to Metronet 1.5 years ago and at that time I was paying Spectrum $75/mo for 100/10 (!). With any provider you have to play the bargaining game to get a good promotional offer (which disgusts me personally). Spectrum is now offering attractive promotional rates locally, largely in response to the competition from Metronet, which is all fiber BTW. I predict that if you talk to a Spectrum “retention agent”, threatening to quit, they will offer you a much better (promotional) rate. Metronet is no better. They automatically increased my rate $10 after my first year until I called in and begged for a promotional rate.

  27. No it is not adds on DVR. It seems NBC did not let Law and Order out last night. I only have the Vod , and the other LawOrder did not even bother to add the Vod recordings.

  28. I suspect you’re right unfortunately. I seem to see a trend where better quality content is going on the paid streams. So maybe eventually YTTV will be worth a lot less and it will either have to lower its subscription cost or lose customers. We customers will have to pay for the content we want, one way or another. Obviously there are a lot of consumers willing to pay through the nose for content with high production values. Those who don’t will have to settle for less.

  29. OK….I took the time to get Google support on the phone. Here’s what I learned:

  30. Have to question whether this is a “system wide outage” affecting “everyone regardless of platform”. I’ve seen none of it on my Fire Cube near Dayton OH. Perhaps it affects only some programs or some networks?

  31. Not hate, just disdain. Colbert is comfort food for infantile thinkers who believe all world problems would be solved if everyone sang Cum-By-Yah.

  32. Did you add it to your Library after it had started showing live? I don’t think it shows up as a recording in that case.

  33. There is a feedback choice something like: “program being shown doesn’t match the guide”

  34. It’s pretty common and random but may not be temporary on certain shows. A lot of captioning is done by automatic algorithms using speech recognition and translation algorithms, not always a reliable process. It isn’t just on YTTV either. What’s kind of interesting is when you select English dialog AND subtitles on a foreign language video (on Netflix for example) and the two translations are different, saying basically the same thing but with different wording.

  35. Have you tried the obvious thing of chatting with support on this?

  36. Can't figure out why you'd care. Why wouldn't you want every episode of anything at your finger tips? For example, I record every NFL, NBA, mlb, premiere league, college football .... game that's on - cuz why wouldn't you?

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