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  1. Tired of not getting what I want out of life, so I’m gonna try getting what I want: healthy fit body, sharp mindset, profitable business, meaningful committed relationship, etc.

  2. I want a tidy home. My husband loves to keep shit around for ages thinking he’s going to use it. It would feel really good to get out home cleaned up and it would make me so happy to see that dream realized. If I threw things out and tidied up his cluttered, dirty areas he would be super pissed (been there, done that) and he just keeps cluttering up our house. How do I stay true to Abraham’s teachings and get myself happy but not have him angry with me?

  3. Abraham would probably say something like looking to please others isn’t in alignment with your source.

  4. It is. But I’ve tried everything. I’ve practiced it myself hoping he would see how nice it is and how happy I am but he actually got worse.

  5. Abraham would say you’re not energetically matching the vibration you want…

  6. What was your mileage and model year? This seems tempting.

  7. You can find it on carmax’s website. It’s a 2021 with 18-19k miles. Please don’t buy though, it’s got the annoying air vent rattle from front center right. Also air vent left of steering wheel rattles because it wasn’t fully attached from factory. Mysterious clicking from passenger rear c pillar on turns and bumps. Just wait for 2023 civic hybrid it will be miles better in build quality for less.

  8. Ohhh thanks for the heads up! I have a 2019 touring with 41k miles. Just doing some car math if I were to sell.

  9. My (36F) best experience so far has been with a guy (45M) whom I couldn’t tell you why I swiped right on him, or why I gave him my number as soon as I did. Or why we met. But it feels so right and so good. He was about to delete Tinder, and I didn’t remember which app we met through. TBD to see where this goes, but I may believe in love again since meeting him.

  10. 36F. Was always sure I would be a mom until the last year or so. I know it could still happen, but it’s not the driving reason I want to be partnered. I think the shift was when I started to consider being a single mom by choice. And I decided I do not want to be a single mom, that is my choice. And dating to find the right person to be the father of my kids is both too much pressure and the pool has slimmer pickings.

  11. Yeah I’d much rather find my person but honestly I’ve kind of given up. I haven’t felt sure about anyone I’ve been with except for my first LTR who ultimately I dated a second time later on and really did not want to be with. I’ve never felt like anyone was my other half or best friend. People talk about the dating pool being limited now so it tells me I can’t hold out for that other half because it’s probably not coming from this selection of men. How about you? If the dating pool is limited, do you feel like you have to lower your standards or accept “good enough”?

  12. That’s something I struggle with. Tbh, there are many men I could have “settled” for. Perhaps I’m idealistic, but I’m holding out hope for someone I like more often than I don’t. Someone who gets me. Someone who is easy to be around, or shares my sense of humor.

  13. Initially got the m1 mbp 14, coming from a 2013 15” mbp. Overall it’s a huge upgrade, but I prefer the extra screen size of the new 16”. Costco ended up selling the mbp 16” 1 T for the same price as the 14” and same specs. Currently making the switch. The size of the 16 is more asset than liability for me.

  14. Care to share those numbers? Because that sounds like only principle and interest. Because insurance, property taxes and school taxes wouldn't have gone up.

  15. 2.5% vs 6.45%? Looks like cherry-picking the absolute best rate that's ever existed and comparing it with the worst one from the last 20 years. Houses in your area (or that one particular house) are up 52% from 18 months ago? My area (Dallas) has only gone up 35% or so in the last 3-4 years, so I have to think your area is an outlier and not representative.

  16. LOL. Not really cherry picking if I said I was comparing what my actual rate and costs were versus what I see today's rates are. You asked for numbers.

  17. While I agree, there does need to be some laws when it comes to marriage. Like a 40 year old man can't marry a 14 year old girl...

  18. Or he does and we take him out back and shoot him because gun rights?

  19. Probably one day. My rate is great, but will that always be bottom line for where I ought to live? Doubtful.

  20. Sam Yo is great. But check out any Low Impact ride to find who you like!

  21. The Tavern: Crabapple Tavern, Milton Tavern, Windward Tavern

  22. Oh man. I picked a color that I guarantee is on one of those cards, sculptor's clay, for exterior. It's fine but I realized too late there's no fucking way to describe my house to people looking for it. Just off enough it doesn't qualify as white, but one would notice it while they look for a brown or tan house either. 0/10 would not recommend

  23. Would “Band-Aid colored house” be a good descriptor?

  24. Curious about this, too, as I have a friend who is a "ring earner." Initially not sure what exactly "Team NuVision" does, a few google searches later I think they are a branch of the MLM that sells legal services called LegalShield.

  25. Anecdotal: looked at booking a STR in Savannah and decided they are all greedy AF. Decided that it isn’t worth it for the trip I was considering. If I do go, I’ll likely book a hotel.

  26. Can confirm. This is true. Drainage issues in new build neighborhood in Georgia are irritating at best.

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