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  1. There was this gen in the middle, literally right before this most recent gen. It was 🤌🏽

  2. Yikes for what? The cost? You realize they're helping you to get a rating that will be there FOR LIFE.... just to wake up... its an expensive service? maybe. But can you get that percentage without them? Doubt it. They know more as they have experience with thousands of cases. They're also veteran owned. I'll let you know how mine goes. Currently using them and so far so good. There is things I didn't even know I could claim because the DAV doesn't know crap. They also try to lowball you like the VA. I actually asked the DAV guy some questions of ways to claim certain things that I learned talking to the company (talking and evaluation is free), and the DAV guy did not know anything about it. He did not even seemed helpful, he didn't seem interested and he was like "yea call later when you have more info"... Bro...Im calling YOU to get info. But remember, people only work as hard as they get paid for... and you don't pay the DAV, therefore, they can care less about you or about you getting the best rating....they get paid anyway but not by YOU..... With companies like Vets Guardian, they get paid if you get paid, so it's in their best interested to get you the best rate. Is a win win....

  3. It’s messed up, the teeth in the 2nd pic are kinda cool though. I wish this kid would invest in themselves and express through art/design instead of this on peoples property.

  4. Let’s just say it’s 100k , realistically you can make about 120k 10k a month if you have your own business because the car is a write off and you don’t pay taxes on it and you get taxed less , let’s say with no money down and low interest that about $1400 a month. That’s easily doable on 12k a month if your house note isn’t more then 5k.

  5. Wait I’m new to this can you elaborate on purchasing a luxury vehicle as a tax write off when you have your own business? And there’s a place to learn about these tactics (books, YouTube channels) can you link me?

  6. I ran into Skrillex at an afters during Movement in Detroit. I referred to him as Sonny Moore because that’s who he’ll always be to me from his From First To Last days. He was pleasantly surprised!

  7. The beginning of his first national tour “the mothership tour” was in San Diego and I was lucky to meet him after the show. Super kind and signed my ticket not as skrillex but Sonny.

  8. This car achieves being underwhelming in every aspect except for the overwhelming price tag

  9. This is an awesome response. I appreciate the inside look into the daily office life. Honestly I'm excited about the transition for the positive reasons you listed and I plan on obtaining more certs and working on home labs to understand the more cutting edge tech. In my area the DOD opportunity is too good to pass especially in my position, thanks for your response.

  10. The front is blocky but still tolerable. The rear... just, why?

  11. Tolerable is unacceptable. This isn’t a Honda Civic or chevy malibu or Kia Forte, this is BMW goddamnit. This is supposedly an M car. Any BMW period should be setting the standard for excellence in design especially aesthetically.

  12. First month sucks. After that you’ll get the workflow down and be steady mobbin. Chin up and attack forward.

  13. I have a $49 KouKou 6-layer reflective cover that I use everyday at work and at home. The sun here is brutal on every part of your car, even he side wall of your tires. I figure since a different third of my tires are exposed everyday, my cover even protects them.

  14. I’d honestly do the same thank you this is awesome. Is it water resistant as well?

  15. Go faster, go higher, grab some knee/elbow pads if you must cause falling from that height is scary starting out

  16. My brother in Christ heed these words from our honorable disciple Chris Raygun:

  17. Honestly if you’re working hard building your future it doesn’t feel that lonely at all.

  18. That is super unfortunate :( sorry to hear that but thank you for sharing so the rest of us know!

  19. Looking to take the Cysa+ in a few months, is having the net+ and the knowledge gained from the net+ a big advantage for the Cysa+? Currently working on my sec+ and already have a+ and some years of experience.

  20. Your years of experience will definitely be a great boon! I have none to fall back in so you're already in a better spot. I also don't have Net+. However, I don't think networking experience will help you as much as what you learn from Sec+.

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