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  1. ctrl+c ctrl+v ctrl+v ctrl+v ctrl+v ctrl+v

  2. In some languages bell peppers are called paprika (and the spice is called paprika powder), so it might be something like that.

  3. 50% lower water flow in the main trunk compared to the last 5 years? Why does it feel like things are about to get a whole lot worse around the world? They’ll just spit out those 3 words we hear so commonly, “sooner than expected”.

  4. Stars emit microwave radiation. We don't know this one isn't from the alphachorizarian galaxy, and therefore we dont know it doesn't have a chorizo center. Logic checks out.

  5. Extension started today, is tiny but giving me some hope on recovery. Started dosing reef plus and trace this week for iron and manganese as I’ve heard that helps. I’ve never fragged anything like this, so only want to try if it’s necessary. Params are in check, very low nitrate/phosphate. Alk ~8.2 and ph at 8. Calcium and Mg are testing within a healthy range

  6. Lower than I’d like! Api test is showing just over 0 for nitrates and 0 for phosphate. The new tanks only 4 months old and I’ve been struggling getting it up, I haven’t dosed nitrate or phosphate and have been trying to raise it through adding fish and increasing feeding- for added context, my clown tried to host the goni when it moved into the new tank, I’m pretty sure that’s where the issue started. I moved the Goni and the clown is leaving it alone now

  7. Keep working on bringing the nutrients up slowly to avoid other issues. Do an extra feeding every other day or everyday.

  8. Most of these blooms are not going to be the seaweed you wanted and will probably sit there and rot. Ideally they would sink into the deep and become carbon stores.

  9. Yes. Seaweed is a complex algae. More basic algae will outcompete them and even hamper their growth. Cyanobacteria blooms will be more common and more deadly.

  10. Mushroom will expand and split taking over its area. Zoas will do the same thing until they either figure it out or one wins. I would say let them figure it out. Unless the mushroom is still attached to a frag plug that can be moved easily you will probably damage the foot and kill it trying to move it. Maybe rip a couple zoas off and place on another area that you want them to grow as an insurance policy.

  11. Mushroom is still on its plug 🙌🏽 maybe give it its own rock? It looks small in the picture but it's about 4 inches now.

  12. Yep. You either let them duke it out or move the one you can without damaging it. Since the shroom is still on the plug I would move it to its own rock so they can both live and prosper

  13. Meh. Aiptasia is aiptasia. It’s definitely not the worst thing in the world. What size tank do you have? Looks like it’s in the sump too so that makes it easier. Remove that rock. Let it sit outside for a day or two. Rinse and put back in tank. Don’t try “treating” it. Just burn with the power of the sun.

  14. Yeah seems to only be in the sump so far, which is very interesting. I’ve basically only had the chaeto and rocks in there.

  15. Probably came with the chaeto since the rock looks new. Remove the one from the glass. Remove the chaeto too since it’s probably in that as well. Get some more from some who has clean chaeto or just restart with a small small piece and let it grow out.

  16. I’m so confused. Looks like you have sand that is stationary but it looks like the lil dude is trying to swim up Niagara Falls. With that being said…it’s a clown. Clowns gonna clown.

  17. This is correct. My uncle was regional loss prevention for Kohls. Just because you can’t see caneras it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They also have one way mirrors in the walls and ceilings that they can visually use to watch some in real-time. Source: worked there and uncle regional LP and personally watched people from these. Also, they watch you pick your noses, adjust your balls, itch etc.

  18. Oh 100%, I don't disagree on minimizing your overpayment. Or on filing electronically! tRhis is my first time filing by paper, we hired someone to do it this year and she instructed us to mail it in and I didn't question. Kicking myself now.

  19. Consider hiring someone different who has the ability to file electronically for you. This sounds like someone who does it as a side hustle.

  20. Further from it's axis of rotation though. Like, a lot further. Water is denser than ice, if that makes a difference.

  21. I am starting to agree with the OP. It says the poles. Which would increase the mass around the equator too which would bring the ice skaters arms further out. I am not a scientist but I would guess that the mass on the poles doesn’t affect the spin as much as the equator.

  22. Keeping fingers crossed that it lands on CCP headquarters.

  23. If you do else mode you may want to turn the dial all the way left. This will cycle between the different modes quicker and might help reduce the sand moving because it won’t stay on constant speed as long.

  24. Whats hilarious is this is exactly how it would happen in a movie, and we’d all think the guy was nuts.

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