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  1. Also, waiting NINE EPISODES for such a huge plot reveal. I couldn’t hold a secret that long tbh.

  2. EXACTLY!! like, I'd suspected in the first couple of episodes that it might have been rue and ended up dismissing it bc if I'd been Oscar I'd have definitely let slip previously. It was such a good moment, I hope we get to see him play in other campaigns too

  3. Wait till they auction them off, and hope you won the lottery inbetween now and then.

  4. Don’t be pushy at all, ever. It’s a super painful process, during which she needs to be relaxed. Adding pressure will add stress. When people have psychological barriers like this, it’s better to celebrate successes when they have done something good than put pressure on the task beforehand.

  5. I'm honestly shocked more psychiatrists don't mention this. I ended up googling it later and then mentioning it to my provider who was like, "OH YEAH, totes forgot to mention it's used to treating eating disorders my b."

  6. I’m going to try Vyvance to see if it helps me eat more than I do on Adderall. Maybe that isn’t such a great plan.

  7. The way the mods there explained it to me, was that ADHD et. al. is categorically bad and can't be considered a strength or a neutral factor/mere difference. In their eyes it seems neurodivergent people are exclusively disadvantaged and never helped by their disorder.

  8. It was explained to me that it has nothing to do with the disability factor and everything to do with the toxic positivity movement/questionable advocacy groups that use the term/the risk of pseudoscience being introduced to the sub en masse.

  9. It is wild to me that your experience is so opposite mine. I’m extremely suggestible and bend under pressure immediately just to get people to leave me alone.

  10. I don't think I mind a blank slate, but like I said in another comment, my problem is more to do with the physical appearances. I like the personality of the character and how they defined her story.

  11. I don’t understand because I don’t self insert. Were you hoping for a customizable avatar? What do you mean by “appearances?”

  12. Um...the only things I'd change would be not to have the MC face in the dialogues and invitations + not being called Rosa by the guys lol

  13. Often when people self-insert, they would like to see “themselves” in the story via customization. The word “appearances” was vague enough that I wanted to clarify.

  14. Honestly, I haven’t seen the new episodes, but I think that’s totally plausible. Patrick’s aesthetics have always been light blue, light pink, and white. He’s just vibing with his eggplant wallpaper and mashed potatoes. The trans flag colors are also a very nice color scheme in general, so who knows.

  15. The representation of a trans character would be the character completely passing as the other gender while literally, no one else is noticing, right? That's why I don't understand. The whole point of being trans is not being seen as trans.

  16. Not all trans people want to pass as cis. I’ve known a trans woman or two that didn’t want to take hormones and were never trying to pass, but wanted to embody femininity in other ways.

  17. 'There's never been a letter I wanted to eat less.'

  18. Was he writing to Wrackingspelt so that his horse could eat the letters? That’s my question.

  19. If it’s about birth control, sure! Basic stuff about precum or dry humping, not so much 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. Tbh, the precum bit isn’t “basic stuff” for a lot of people from a lot of backgrounds. Your expertise bias just makes it feel like it’s basic.

  21. “No empathy for humans but a lot for animals” sounds like code for autistic. If this is true I understand what the underlying thought processes would’ve been and though it was out of line and she was without a doubt the AH in the situation regardless of the thought processes I don’t know if I’d say it’s beyond concerning. To me it sounded like an autistic teenager literally being completely unable to relate, trying to relate through a similar ish anecdote, and then apologizing when she realizes she fucked up. Which again is shitty and my sympathy is aimed at OP but it doesn’t sound like she was necessarily being malicious as much as thoughtless.

  22. you know, it actually didn't occur to me to think of it that way, but you have a fair point. But since OP never stated her niece is autistic, we couldn't say for sure if this is the case or not. Even though it could be an explaination for why it's hard for her to relate, but I never said she was being purposely malicious, i don't think that. It's clear that for whatever reason OP's niece didn't realize she was being rude and hurtful until the damage was already done

  23. It’s entirely possible that OP has no idea that her niece is autistic. Young women can mask really well until the stress of adulthood catches up.

  24. Relating through a similar anecdote is a common ASD trait, and it was the first thing I thought of when I read this. I think the eye rolling is probably what people were doing to the niece after she lost her pet, so she’s just mirroring it back out because it’s the “normal response” (in her experience) to sadness and loss.

  25. Crow seems the most like an actual dude that I would hang out with and develop a crush on. He’s also the funniest and funny guys are the best.

  26. I have a regular switch and I had dropped frames on Portia while docked semi constantly. I also didn’t enjoy the gameplay very much tbh, so my end review was very poor.

  27. Idk if anyone has this issue, but I spend almost an hour on my nails and for styling competitions and when I go to upload it my game has crashed and all my progress that I worked so hard on gets lost. Sometimes I just despair and put huge stickers over everything at that point.

  28. I always do my design in the DIY function and save my progress regularly; it helps a lot.

  29. The gloves feel like a lot and the gold bracelet/headpiece/gold stickers are all drawing my eye different directions.

  30. We do cook for her when she is back and always offer a place at the table, but she always comes home late after doing things with her friends that we never get to have a proper family meal anymore.

  31. Make a meal that keeps well and send her home to school with leftovers if she can’t make it to dinner. Maybe she’ll start coming to meals, maybe not, but it will be a caring gesture.

  32. As someone with ADHD, let me just say: find other neurodivergent friends, who actually have a baseline positive opinion about you.

  33. That gyno can go straight to hell. I get my pills from a general practitioner who won’t force me into anything.

  34. I like everyone at least a little in Bustafellows, but Helvetica is certainly not my favorite.

  35. No one is talking about the knighting but it was so wonderful and poignant. It fits Andhera’s character so well to default to a courtly gesture, but accommodate that gesture to Binx via a cardboard tube. I was in tears. I hope that Andhera and Advisor scoot on over to the court/house of craft. Andhera’s “friends” growing up were objects for goodness sake… and I think Advisor and Grandpa Dog belong in an antique store anyway.

  36. Rue and Hob are as bad at matchmaking as they are at communicating with each other clearly and I love it lmao

  37. I will say, I wanted those rolls to succeed probably more than any other roll in the season so far.

  38. That's a good idea. The me asking "why not" was more of a real-time conversation while we were hanging in the area, and maybe that's a difficult question to answer while walking on the street.

  39. So, I have ADHD. Everything has a reason and that reason has a reason and I know that because my brain doesn’t Shut Up and I have never known peace. I HEAR my brain process every little thing like it’s all important.

  40. Is this actually a thing? I’ll admit I’m supposed to be getting tested for ADHD (haven’t gotten around to scheduling it) so you may be right, but it seems wild to me that people wouldn’t consider their reasons for liking or disliking something like a house

  41. Apparently. But it isn’t just a “non-ADHD” thing. It’s worse when someone isn’t used to expressing a preference about a particular thing or subset of things.

  42. I’m nearing my 30’s. I still think about people I used to fixate on in high school. And that’s okay.

  43. I’ve heard of so much stuff like this, and something similar happened to me. I’m so sorry you had to be frustrated with math with no explanation as to why.

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