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  1. 1% cash back on your weekly spends. They offer it to you sometimes when you contact support.

  2. Expect CLVS to have a horrible Q2! CLVS will miss on EPS and revenue! Expect the same Sell Off as Q1 another 23%

  3. Do the research I did, their sales are dismal! CLVS has done nothing to increase share value! Once again CLVS will FAIL to beat on EPS, and misses on revenue! CLVS fails to beat market projections for Q2! Expect another 24% decline in share price

  4. Open a short position since you believe it will do so badly. I'm not even in this play for the fundamentals (which aren't even terrible).

  5. No, he’s pointing out something that isn’t obvious to retards like you and me.

  6. Like how he pointed out "SST hasn't even started yet" three months ago....once you're making money I'm happy for you though. 👍

  7. It’s one of the lowest float 1.3 million dspac plays ever, that has options. Float was confirmed Friday AH. Huge social media influence. All creators combined on FAZE have 360 million subscribers. Wouldn’t take much volume to get this to run a little bit. GL with your plays.

  8. 0.98% short interest. BUT once you're making money I'm happy for you dude. 👍

  9. Current SI is over 65%, that number was before they reduced the float on Friday

  10. Man don’t hold things mentioned here for more than 1-2 weeks. I bought evfm at 1.35 and sold at 1.20 i knew smth going to fk it up

  11. Exactly, paper hands. The stock is about women and the anti abortion movement. The details are only just starting. The courts and the rest of the US government are still fighting it out. Investing is not instant gratification, that’s called Gambling.

  12. Especially since they are researching what sounds to be the safest form of birthcontrol, one that doesn't alter hormone levels and only changes the ph level of vaginal discharge.

  13. You can add your digital card to apple/google pay and complete the purchases that way if you don't want to order the physical card.

  14. Although there was a huge pump today it won't be reported if it was shorts covering yet.

  15. Because the self reported short interest is so accurate from ortex. When short interest is extremely high on ortex stocks always go south and people here are left scratching their head losing money "but the SI was 50% and ctb 500% on ortex!" Gmvd will be be a multi bagger and then after it moves it'll have stupid ortex numbers. Got to see early signs

  16. Just making the info that is available to me available to others who don't have the money to spend to obtain it. Even if it is only self reported it is better than nothing. I'm not saying its a bad play, I'm not saying its a good play. It doesn't matter what your play is once you make money.

  17. Also there's a few new videos on YouTube about clvs. Not that I really care but it does help introduce new people to the stock/play.

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