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  1. It's called a bidet. Use take a shit and spray this on your butthole.

  2. Ryan George. Hating on his is not very easy, very much an inconvenience

  3. Sick blanket. Where did you get it, the cool blanket store?

  4. There's no blanket in the picture, actually. Red one is a bed mat, blue is a bed sheet the white behind me is a pillow.

  5. the ending was different. I respect it. Because its not your typical end fight and whatever twist and turn. It was fun. As the show is supposed to be.

  6. I possess a vagina and have no idea what an “innie” vagina is?

  7. I've seen this post in this subreddit more than 3 times already

  8. I'm not disagreeing on that. The original post had shitty music, THAT part I fixed.

  9. He's The Deep from The Boys, in the series The Deep seems and acts like he likes women but he actually enjoys intercourses with aquatic animals. Here he's lusting over little mermaid because he can fuck a fish while still being with a woman.

  10. Where is this from? If I look outside my window the mountains look exactly like this.

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