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  1. Hey! Thanks man. Is this broker offer website only services or app versions too? Secondly, are you German? If yes have you traded with IBKR and how did filing taxes go for you. Info on these would be appreciated. Danke

  2. Nope Indian. DAX indices have very less movement compared to NASDAQ or S&P500 hence its better for me to trade in US Style options and I have a better knowledge of it

  3. I have kind of this weird feeling that these very well known delays in card shipping are going to backfire on CDC someday.

  4. And its not the first time CDC is having this shipping delays problem. I`ve seen lots of posts here regarding the same. And as said in an earlier comment I didn’t expect it happening to me as I got my blue card shipped pretty quick so I thought no problems at all but I was wrong… so wrong

  5. it is on a slow boat, it is midway across the atlantic as we speak!

  6. Try to use the card at an atm, it can be just to check the balance.

  7. Yep i have the same tip. Same thing happened to me here and the crypto app help support told me to do this and it worked and I was able to use it again. Mine happened because I didn’t use my crypto card for probably 2 months and maybe that’s why it became inactive after a period of time.

  8. Do you speak German? That would be one of the first points to consider between the two countries.

  9. If you living in the UAE why bother choosing Australia or Germany. I was born and brought up in UAE and now I’m in germany for my masters. IMO you’re already in the best place the world has got to offer. But the decision ofc is upto you.

  10. Hey there, I moved to Germany last fall(Sep 2021) and my personal suggestion will be to decide what kind of lifestyle do you want and how convenient you want it to be. For eg: DUS is good for lifestyle and its in NRW which has imo pretty much all the best places you can visit and travel. If you want for convenience since your job requires you to travel 2-3 times a month and you just want to take a DB Train and reach the airport in 30 mins then Frankfurt would be better. IMO better staying off in NRW specifically DUS and you can take an ICE 2-3 times a month to Frankfurt and reach there in an hour or two. Hope this Long ass para helps

  11. Saying 'isch' Is more of a southern West Dialekt in Germany. Saarbrücken in the state of Saarland the use of 'isch' is pretty common.

  12. This has happened with me. Just go to a nearby ATM and withdraw the smallest amount possible, then go and try purchasing with the card. It works. Same thing was suggested to me by the staff when it happened with me.

  13. Can you on board fiat directly through an ATM using the card or do you need an institution?

  14. I don't think you can. You need institutions of the legacy system in situations like this

  15. Congratulations 🎊🥳 I just staked the required amount 2 days ago, waiting for my Ruby Steel eagerly!

  16. Perfekt. Thank you. My old card got frozen so I can expect the metal card anytime now.

  17. Either get her a Jade Green card or leave her. No other option here 🤣

  18. Are you able to get a Curve card? That’s what I do in the UK.

  19. That's what I did here in the EU, connected my curve card to Google pay and made the crypto card the first option to pay, which means earning CRO rewards for spending and also curve points. Pretty good I would say

  20. Don't try to translate from English to German. Never works, been there done that. Certain verbs use only certain propositions, or certain verbs always use the Reflexiv words, just learn them and learn to use them, so that It becomes a habit of saying it the right way.

  21. Girls like the guys to say anything other than hey yet they don't know how to start a convo other than saying 'hey'

  22. Hi there - if you head to the top of the group, the admins have put a resource list on a Google Folder.

  23. These replies on here is making my day! 🔥🔥😁 Keep going people. Everyone has a why just got to find why that why is worth living for. 💪

  24. I would love some practice work too! Aspiring copywriter here



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