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  1. I appreciate all viewpoints and suggestions. Certainly everyone's flavor profile and preferences are different. I may try purchasing online at some point but I would like to support local roasters if we can find one we like. Since my wife is used to Starbucks and I rarely drink any, we're at a journey start, so we'll start local and fresh grinding instead of preground and go from there. Thanks so much for your response it's very detailed

  2. Yeah I'd totally think you were my spouse but 1) I know his username and 2) I stopped my Starbucks/Dunkin habit when Covid started and have not been back since.

  3. Ah that's funny, my wife doesn't have reddit lol. She's a teacher so her Starbucks really really picked up in August and September lol. I figured if I would say something about the habit I could at least offer a solution and she's enjoying it way more and it's way cheaper. Yeah I'm sure the more expensive ones will be easier to get the best grind. I'm just looking to get in from the bottom and if it dictates at need to get a better one we'll go from there

  4. Alabama fans would be real mad at this if they could read.

  5. But I heard their sister wife knew someone who knew someone from Mississippi who said they could read. But we all know that's a lie too

  6. I was recommended from this sub, Tara from philosophy Tattoo, went and got my tattoos done there last month. She was really good

  7. It's gross and always feel like I get sick after but it works so well

  8. He got a truck for his birthday that sings we will we will rock you and its so loud

  9. I recently got a tattoo on my left wrist mine and my wife's wedding date and on the right wrist my son's birthday. They are strands of DNA that look like Roman numerals

  10. Sounds awesome. Can’t picture it but sounds cool.

  11. Did Georgia oil their gloves or use butter, their tackles are so sloppy

  12. Thai smile or Alex's Thai bistro, owned by the same people, both delicious if you like Thai

  13. We haven’t watched it much but my friend, who is a teacher, loves it for her almost 3 y/o (one month older than my son) because it teaches STEM. So there’s that, I guess? Can’t speak to it myself though.

  14. My wife is a science teacher and she actually had a student the other day know an answer because of blaze

  15. For our 10th, we did some big gifts. We got a massage chair because she's on her feet every day as a teacher, and I got a whole set of EGO yard tools. We also got my mom to watch him and we had a date night that started at Ruth's Chris and ended hitting balls at top golf. This year (11th) we went and got spa pedis and went to Dave and busters which was reminiscent of our early dates. Since we could only go out the weekend after, on our anniversary I cooked a 3 course meal which included a Wedge salad, mashed potatoes and chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.

  16. hooker gets them fiddy, Heup gets the tiddy fuck fLorida

  17. No but conditionally, sex is whatever but if they are having an emotional/romantic relationship then yes.

  18. Something romantically or emotionally has changed if they don't want to be intimate with their partner

  19. 3 year old son is going as buzz and wife and I are doing woody and Jessie

  20. I love Chattanooga Dental Studio. I really don’t like the dentist and have had past dentists scam me out of money. CDS is so straightforward and kind. They also ask about your negative dental experience during intake so they can be intentional about it.

  21. Thanks, this helped. I do like they ask about past experiences and about anxiousness on their intake forms. And I was able to make an appointment only 2 weeks out.

  22. East Ridge Family Dental, in the old Kingwood Pharmacy building on Ringgold Rd. I hadn't been in for a dental checkup for more years than I'd be comfortable admitting. I was surprised to hear "no cavities. Have a cleaning scheduled, then you're done."

  23. Thanks, I did set up an appointment with one mentioned in the thread. Good thing with dentists is you can always change who you go to lol

  24. Oasis is where we used to take cars when I worked at a used car lot years ago

  25. Yep, quit touching your weewee. What did you eat (when changing a poopy diaper)

  26. How do you go all game and then fuck up 2 snaps in a row

  27. I would have kicked him in the face if I was the kicker

  28. Should have picked it up and thrown it away ffs

  29. Jesus fucking Christ we're winning 42 to 3 let them run their mouth, they stupid as fuck

  30. Oh wow here in orlando, we only have 20 students per semester acceptance. What did u major in and what you work now?

  31. I ended up going to a 4 year college in Georgia near Atlanta and got a BS in IT. and I program for a major health insurance company

  32. Wow congrats! That’s pretty awesome, so how do you like your job so far. How were your able to transit from healthcare to IT? I’m 26 and I joined community college about two yrs ago; even thought I’m doing my pre reqs for this radiography program, im hoping to get accepted in the field. I can’t seem myself going to school for another 4 yrs. But I need to come up with a backup plan just don’t know what to do. I understand bachelors degree hold more weight than associates degree but idk

  33. A lot of the pre reqs transfer. Even degrees in IT you have to have science and math classes or count as electives. I think in total I only did another 3 years worth of classes. I was already huge into computers and programming before so it wasn't really hard for me to choose something else

  34. Definitely not an issue for me and have done it with previous partners but my wife doesn't like the idea of it and that's ok.

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