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  1. The dude on the old Wizards logo looked sick and they should bring him back

  2. 9 x Pro-Bowler, Superbowl Champ, 1 x All-Pro, Top 15 all time in Passing TDs, Top 5 all time passer rating, top 3 rushing QB. He was basically 2 solid years away from being a first ballot lock.

  3. It’s always funny to me that the “Everything works out for everyone ending.” is three feet away but the Genocide ending is so popular.

  4. The green ending is basically "indoctrinate the universe and kill yourself to become fertilizer." It's the worst option.

  5. And the Destroy ending is “Kill everyone that made the mistake of being related to the Reapers. Did those others do anything wrong? Doesn’t matter, they got Reaper DNA so they gotta die.” Synthesis is far from the worst. I’m not gonna feel bad about not actively killing people just to ensure my actual target dies.

  6. Bro it’s just two happy dudes wearing shirts to a theme park, who cares?

  7. Being proud of not having kids is fucking weird. It's even weirder to wear tshirts proclaiming it. Especially at an amusement park built for families.

  8. Not really sure how it’s weird, people have “best dad/mom ever” mugs all the time, which tbf yeah that’d be weird to bring into an abortion clinic but hell adults go to disney all the time with or without kids

  9. Dude do you know how fucking hard it is to raise kids? Your kids getting you a mug saying they love you is a smell penance for the work required to raise a family.

  10. You ever been to egg irl? I saw a teacher their asking how she thinks one of her students is trans cuz she quiet and wears a hoodie and want to know how she can reach out to her. Like maybe she just likes wearing hoodies and you can leave her the fuck alone?

  11. Well yeah the later actively discourages people from finding a full time job because they'll lose benefits and their new job probably won't have anything to replace them. Thus making the people on welfare more dependent on the system.

  12. The recent Del Torro horror series on Netflix. Not overly unique premises or story beats and the dialogue is… rough at times. But there’s some great shots and effects and it’s enjoyable in a schlocky horror anthology kind of way

  13. The Autopsy ? I really liked it but I thought it got too wordy trying to setup the explanation for how the alien worked and to explain the final reveal.

  14. This sub won't like it, but hearing that Disco Elysium basically pushes you into a communist rpute killed my interest in the game.

  15. Probably not the kind of behavior you want to see from a guy asking for a quarter of a billion dollars.

  16. We have the worst coach in the history of the league. Tons of injuries but even the 0-16 lions and browns had the excuse of no talent.

  17. China's war hawks probably want a military base in Cuba, but that will never happen. We'd make Puerto Rico a state and let them annex Cuba before that happens.

  18. So you can decide the fate of islands right off your coast through military action, but China can't. That would be bad!

  19. Crazy thing about this story is the news originally posted a photo of the crash which accidentally had the victim's corpse in the background. They edited it soon after to drop out the victim.

  20. Let’s drop the pretenses. We go to work to make money. Don’t make us add additional emotional and social labor to maintain our livelihoods.

  21. Companies use this as a recruiting/talent maintenance strategy because they can usually write stuff like parties/gifts off on their own taxes, so it ends up being cheaper than just giving people raises.

  22. And polish genocide which is something I very recently learned about.

  23. And the soviets' genocide against every country they annexed behind the iron curtain.

  24. “SoViEtS ArE sO EvIl” then why was there end of “holodomor” and rise in economy? Explain now.

  25. The ADL aren't the kings of Jewish people. Criticizing them isn't inherently anti-semetic.

  26. I dont recognize the ADL because they defined pepe as a hate symbol.

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