1. It is an odd aircraft. Not sure what. Red blinking light would suggest it is of this world.

  2. People really need to stop coming here and suggesting that advanced beings wouldn't understand the concept or convenience of having red blinking lights.

  3. So, by that logic any aircraft seen flying could actually be an alien space craft. Becuase they are camoflauge as airplanes.

  4. That is somthing zooming by. I can say it does not appear to be a bird. Its too fast. Good find!

  5. Thanks! It’s actually 2 seconds long video, captured 9 times slower.

  6. He mentions "Different Species of Humans" so I did a search.

  7. Yep Atom, Nomic, Juno, Strd and Stars. He gets paid by Stargaze from some reason.

  8. Nope. He is despicable. He randomly pops up in the Juno discord and talks shit. His content is trash.

  9. Nope. There are not any claim issues/time limits related to newly selected validators. You do need gas money. If have the gas covered it most likely will be resolved by a hard refresh of your Browser/Wallet.

  10. If your trying to deposit the airdrop its Vested.

  11. Getty images is gonna come after you! They dont mess around.

  12. Edit 1: not sure why I couldn’t mark sighting flair so I chose discussion to just talk about it I guess lol.

  13. Saw this posted elsewhere that said they were Russian wounded, not POWs

  14. I saw this posted and it said the Russians captured a Ukranian soldier.

  15. I must say advertising has almost disappeared from my Twitter feed. There's very few advertisers left. That's $5 billion a year that's under serious threat. Revenue was growing quickly. Now he's going to lose the business.

  16. All I see is crap Crypto ads and credit cards.

  17. Cant believe this generation loves getting high off cough syrup lmfaooooooo

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