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  1. Honest question, please don’t construe this as hate but what is going on in Georgia that would render someone eligible for Asylum?

  2. Georgia is right beside Russia... they disagree over territories ... I'd be getting out of there too if I could.

  3. Go outside bro? - Depends if you did all that in like a month or over a year.

  4. Never had any issues in East Wall, probably helps that I'm not an obvious minority until my accent gives it away but never struck me as a remotely racist area given the variety of people there.

  5. i'd be more concerned with the crt falling on the kid

  6. If you're afraid of the police in person there's 3 options.

  7. I remember going to a very expensive barbershop in Dublin (60 EUR for a haircut) and giving very detailed directions (I had somewhat longer hair and just wanted to trim it a bit on the sides) and specifically pointing out several times "so no fade".

  8. Huh I saw her once, but was on a phonecall and it didnt register with me that someone was upset until a few minutes later down the road. Always felt guilty about that until now

  9. Nope, only stats are transfered (also from Book 1 to 2).

  10. thanks a lot ill use all my power items in book 1&2 then!

  11. You can pass the Running Ring to another ally.

  12. thanks man - you're an expert! - one last question if you use any of the rings or items i book 4 i guess there is no way to repair them as i believe there is no shop or camp at that stage? - When characters die are they dead forever in book 4 or is there a way to resurrect them?

  13. The buses that drive straight past you because theyre full is pretty annoying

  14. How did you figure out the manufacture date? - I didn't think this model had that information on the back?

  15. I've lived here a while and its not just Ireland I think Northern European food in general is pretty much all the same😂.

  16. Cant remember the name but a girl brought me for drinks on somewhere in the centre - ordered a pitcher of some cocktail to share without asking me and it was some ridiculous price like €20 euro each to go halves on🙄.

  17. Do you have a job? 😂. How are you finding the time for all this?

  18. You can get a 3.5mm to S-Video cable, but it would simply be putting composite video signals through an S-Video port, so unless your TV handles S-Video way better than composite, it likely is not useful. You'd also have to route audio through the headphone jack using a 3.5 mm to stereo RCA cable since every example I can find of the 3.5 mm to S-Video cable lack audio since they are at maximum 3-pole. Three pole is good for audio/audio/video (composite/audio left/ audio right), but impossible with audio/audio/chroma/luma (S-Video) since that would be 4-pole.

  19. I know 2 girls who were banned for seemingly no reason. Dunno if they had exes reporting them out of spite but both seemed honestly clueless as to why they were kicked off.

  20. Hope it does better than the one on PS2.

  21. There was 2 of them and a hurling version it really can't have done that badly - It was adapted from an Aussie rules game.

  22. Anyone else not a fan of when players just kick it along the ground? It just doesn’t feel right seeing it in gaelic football

  23. As a very bad casual player with zero soloing ability I quite like to see that another way is possible😂.

  24. They should just go rogue and print a giant Sam Maguire trophy on the front. May as well lean into the banter/curse at this stage.

  25. This is why no-one in other countries goes out for an Irish takeaway.

  26. its sega theyd make it amazing and then only release it on mobile and some obscure Japanese only pc streaming service.

  27. I find it literally impossible to tackle anyone without it being a free 🙄 - So basketball is a big advantage as tackling is similar in both sports weirdly . Rugby good base for the handling and physicality.

  28. I stopped playing rugby because the physicality just gets silly at 35. GF to me seemed to be the right balance of finesse and physicality. I’m enjoying the hits, but not worried about breaking my collar bone every Saturday. I feel I can play GF recreationally for a long time.

  29. Yeah i never played rugby as a kid. So while it looks fun its way too dangerous to take up as an adult. GF is a nice balance im just terrible at it😂

  30. Goldeneye had modern controls. The yellow C buttons were like WASD, and the joystick like the mouse. It was not the default, but it was simple to change. I dominated at Goldeneye because most others didn't know about it.

  31. The C buttons to move sounds awful tbh. Although halflife on dreamcast is okay with similar setup.

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