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  1. I’m also struggling w the same thing lmfao

  2. What’s the point of forcing him? It has to be something he wants and enjoy and if it isn’t then there’s no fun or passion and he’ll drop it eventually anyways…talk to the mom abt it.

  3. Cherry blossom and rolling stone are the best

  4. Redemption song by bob Marley, it’s one of the first songs I learned how to play too

  5. Just be yourself and be respectful, don’t be creepy lmfao like respond to her story or just dm her and tell her that you think she’s pretty and would like to get to know her and if it goes further then ask to meet up once you guys know eachother more, but also don’t expect anything some people don’t reply because they aren’t interested or if they have alot of followers sometimes it’s hard for them to reply to people because they might be getting a lot of dms and it’s just best not to double or triple text and leave her alone because you’re gonna come across as creepy and desperate if she does see it and she’s gonna block you

  6. This is their best album tbh I love every single song on it hard to say which ones my favorite

  7. When he would take the prostitutes home just to talk to them abt himself and his favorite Albums but they didn’t give a fuck lmfao

  8. This really isn’t your fault at all man, she cheated on you and left u for someone else it wasn’t your problem to help pick up the pieces anymore. I know you feel terrible because she’s someone u knew for so long but please don’t blame yourself

  9. Recently suicide season by bring me the horizon

  10. U don’t need them but it’ll help u learn faster and work on things that you do wrong that u wouldn’t notice on your own, lessons have definitely helped me a lot compared to when I first started and I was learning on my own.

  11. Depends on a lot of things. What you know about music theory, instruments they use etc.

  12. Predicted two peoples deaths, happened a while ago but I’m still very creeped out by it and think abt it from time to time

  13. It wouldn’t, if I like her then I like her that wouldn’t be a deal breaker at all

  14. I don’t think they care if they do know lmfao

  15. It might be working for you now but yea it’s a bad habit better to correct it sooner than later

  16. New player... Do these "flatten" out and go back to looking normal after you've been playing long enough?

  17. Yea after a while. I can still feel my calluses but my fingers look normal now

  18. Practice everyday and have a lot of patience with yourself cause you’re gonna suck at first but over time you start to notice your progress and it’s a rlly good feeling if u don’t give up

  19. I'm loving this complete 180. All the people who slowly became ass at PvP due to overusing the oppressor are finally gettin their payback 😁

  20. I’ve been practicing this on my guitar every single day and it never gets old it’s amazing and amazing feeling being able to play it

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