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  1. File/Folder - about 5 or so backup jobs. I can see them in web browser logging onto to

  2. " Only Disk\Partition backups are supported. The support for File\Folder backups is planned for the future versions."

  3. Fingers crossed there is an upgrade path for older homebase users. I have not seen previously that homebase was made available as a standalone purchase.

  4. They fixed it but didnt go into details they had car for two days and took both front doors off and re-assembled.

  5. My concern is Mazda still can't make a car without interior rattling noise lol

  6. Oh this is quite right. Main issue with Mazda 3 Gen 4 is that there are so many interior rattles. Looks great then you set off for a drive and your passengers will ask why it's so rattley. The b pillar one is the worst as it's right by your driver's/passengers ear!

  7. Had my Gen 4 paint corrected and ceramic coated following some scratches that were done to the vehicle as part of burglary of my garage :(

  8. Beware though.. streaming video via web portal hardly ever works. It works like 5% of the time. Most of the time you have to refresh over and over and maybe it might stream.

  9. Hardly ever works for me and I get the same message. Usually need to try about five to ten times and maybe it will start the stream for the camera on web portal. The app always seems to stream ok though.

  10. On mobile so please excuse brevity but does your number 4 issue with window rattle only happen randomly based maybe on temperature or humidity?

  11. Not as far as I know. Wondered where you have heard this?

  12. I read an article about it yesterday, but I swear I saw something here this morning about it as well.


  14. Very sorry for you. :( My car was recently scratched during a burglary of my garage.

  15. Going to take it to a shop and ask them what it needs to be done right. Hoping it doesn't require a respray because color and finish matching is never 100% but as deep as it feels its likely.

  16. Please keep us updated. I really hope you will be able to recover costs from building management, I assume they will have their own insurances to cover things like this.

  17. In terms of Gen 4 while the interior layout is good and looks nice in the showroom.. I dont really appreciate that Mazda make poor attempt at making it hard wearing and last for the future.

  18. My car has been scratched, some pics below. I cannot feel the scratches with my finger and my nail doesn't catch on them however. I think these are clear coat scratches, but I am not sure because when I pour water over them I can still see them when the car is wet.

  19. I have the same issue. 75% ish of my clips have thumbs and the rest don't. Really annoying!

  20. Make sure to get clear plastic film / interior protection for the piano black trim ASAP. Don't delay, it'll scratch very quickly. Also consider protecting the exterior shiny black b pillar trim.

  21. The places I went were too worried about doing it.. one was because they needed to spray the cluster first with some water and they were worried water might go into the dash.

  22. I can understand why the customer did this. When my new car was in at the dealership it was given a valet by the dealership but when I returned to it the piano black interior trim was covered in scratches as well as scratches on the instrument cluster plastic. Less than 100 miles on the clock.

  23. If you are planning to use Eufy cloud, watch out, especially with Floodlight Cam 2 Pro as the cloud service has not worked properly for months. The clips only show in the cloud many hours after events are recorded. There is no ETA on a fix. I think Eufy cloud service is overloaded or something.

  24. Not planning on relying on the cloud. Local storage only. And if that’s the case I guess the ones that connect to homebase are better so if someone steals the camera at least the footage is saved.

  25. Yes that makes sense to use the homebase ones :)

  26. I used a microfiber to wipe some dust off that same area in my brand new '22 Turbo too and every so slightly scratched it :(

  27. It's such a shame :(. This is the thing I hate most about Gen 4. That plastic cannot be cleaned using anything that touches the surface, microfibre or otherwise as it scratches on any impact.

  28. For comparison mine shows 410 on full tank:

  29. I think it basically goes on infinitely unless manually cleared.

  30. Seems interesting that display is replaced, thought maybe it might be software issue.

  31. I am having this same issue, I have reset / deleted and reconnected both bulbs on both hue and Alexa app, but still say server is unresponsive on alexa (works in the hub app) At my wits end

  32. Are you using Android? Could you try adding them in Google Home? Just to see if they work there?

  33. Not sure about Alexa, but I've had it happen and it was an issue with the account sync. Did you remove and re-add the bridge to Google/Alexa?

  34. Ah thanks! I didn't think about relinking the account. I just tried it in Google Home and now all the lights are working again in both Google Home and Alexa.

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