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  1. Sumire suspected Amado. She knew he was hiding his true intentions. I don't think she judged either way though.

  2. Can somebody sell please? I need a small rally to boost morale until 2023.

  3. ALGOrand is interesting and I think it has potential. It has a weird relationship with New York. It has partnered with NYU in the past for some technological development, and it had that advertisement hype for #EarthDay2022 in Times Square. It's also the only coin I can stake through Coinbase in New York, presumably because it was approved for a BitLicense. I just wish ALGO's price action wasn't so lackluster, even taking into account the current bear season.

  4. I distinctly remember having instant access after a purchase and how is it acceptable that i cant use my purchase for up to a week even though the money was instantly transferred out of my bank account? like WHAT?

  5. You bought during a holiday weekend and your money needs to settle first. Brain broken FUD.

  6. tldr; Polkadot has launched a community-led anti-scam initiative to fight scams in its ecosystem. Community members are tasked with finding and taking down scam sites, fake social media profiles, and phishing apps, as well as protecting Polkadot's Discord servers from raids. The community will create educational materials for users and an Anti-Scam Dashboard to act as the central hub for all anti- scam activities.

  7. Hope you all enjoyed Turkey Day!

  8. It depends on the staking pool and factors, like how saturated it is. Some are 5%, other less and others more.

  9. Maybe it doesn’t, i thought it mightve been a mistake

  10. I have been saying this for a while, but I'm really glad Coinbase has no BNB equivalent.

  11. Disagree. Everybody but me should cut their losses and sell immediately.

  12. And also the dip of the dippity dip of dips.

  13. Hopefully customer support improves

  14. Agreed, but I do have to say the Coinbase ONE support is amazing.

  15. I'm less concerned because Coinbase does not have a "coin" token.

  16. I summarily dislike Tento, despite appreciating his development. What I like about this arc is the villain: Shojoji. Different from the cyborgs and Otsutsuki. He was a throwback to Orochimaru type villains. His jutsus were varied too: Wind Style, Fire Style (if you count Anime Canon), and his signature Corpse Clone Kinjutsu. Plus, I loved how Sai, Sasuke, and Ibiki were implied to have interrogated and extracted information from him.

  17. Pretty satisfied to be a Coinbase user right about now.

  18. I'll be very surprised if, after all that, we managed to bottom at 19k

  19. Tell me again about 19K being the bottom 😂 I bet you sold, paper hands.

  20. I was actually the one who believed we didn't bottom there. Read carefully.

  21. I hope the bullrun gets deferred until 2023. I still want to accumulate and lower my cost-basis even more. I'm addicted to the DCA and chill.

  22. Favourite(s): Isshiki, Kashin Koji's second one, Momoshiki & Kinshiki, Naruto & Boruto reading a scroll, Boruto vs Ao, Delta in her second outfit.

  23. The very first one with Team 7 + the Koji one + the one with Ao.

  24. Sakura. Hinata and Kurotsuchi are the only ones who will put up a good fight. And Kurotsuchi will be fun to fight because she is a Kage, has decent battle experience and also a variety of elemental justu, however, Sakura's Taijutsu, + Combat Experience, + 100 Healings (Tank + Regen) + Katsuyuu...will overpower both of then.

  25. That's neat. Now that I am an attorney I use Westlaw, but Lexis Nexis had nice merch, lol.

  26. I'm not. Antidote is way different than an antibiotic. And I'd say the average human with decent health isn't exposed to them all the time. I'd say probably 5 times in my life I've taken antibiotics that weren't just a cream to heal a cut.

  27. Bro 💀🤣 nowhere did I state they are the're clowning on yourself.

  28. Wym by only good for 5 minutes? Does the poison turn back into poison after the 5 minutes? That's what I'm confused on cuz a big emphasis was on the 5 minute window but nothing seemed to happen after the 5 minutes were up.

  29. I won't trade ETH for BTC tonight, but I'll convert some spare XLM rewards for BTC which I was going to give to an ALT before I read this. Interesting analysis. We'll see what happens

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