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  1. It's not the sproc timing out but the DB context executing it closing the connection, you can configure this timeout on the application side. I'm not sure what you mean by setting a timeout on the tools tab, SSMS will happily run a sproc forever by default.

  2. I guess we’re arguing semantics. Proof of work is certainly energy intensive, but whether it’s “wasteful” depends entirely on how you personally value it.

  3. dbxp says:

    By that logic you can't consider anything wasteful

  4. I disagree. By my logic, something is wasteful only when its cost outweighs its value. This is why the question always boils down to how you value it, which is my main point. The rest of your comment is simply justifying your personal opinion on bitcoin’s value, which you’re entitled to.

  5. It sounds like you're taking a very libertarian stance to this which isn't how most of the world works. According to the market it's not worth providing most people with healthcare which many people disagree with. In the same way many people would say that providing electricity to those healthcare facilities is more important than providing the same amount to mine crypto.

  6. Probably a lot of students getting methanol poisoning from counterfeit booze

  7. You can talk to your GP but there is limited mental healthcare available on the NHS, if you really want help you should find a private therapist

  8. It can cause a Domino effect. All the traffic might then go to another connection, which in turn might crumble under the load, which would mean even more pressure on the rest.

  9. dbxp says:

    The big streaming companies like Youtube and Netflix are responsible for a lot of network traffic and they should be able to handle a connection loss gracefully so the system can run as separate US and European systems and then catch up later.

  10. dbxp says:

    They could slow it down though

  11. dbxp says:

    I think that is irrelevant for many people these days as it's very common to cross multiple electoral boundaries on a daily basis.

  12. Interesting question. In fairness to my employers, if I didn't have my desktop to use I'm sure they would have sorted me with a better work laptop.

  13. It uploads the photos fine, but on the desktop we only have access to OneDrive in-browser, and the interface for photos is painfully slow and clunky, compared to Google Photos.

  14. dbxp says:

    Ah, sounds like you don't have a true virtual desktop then, just Office 365. The web app versions of office don't even have all the features of the desktop version, it will do in a pinch but it's not really what you want to use if you can avoid it.

  15. dbxp says:

    I believe it started as a Korean trend and K-dramas are massively popular over there

  16. What's wrong with a regular LED bulb with a smart plug or smart dimmer plug? Is it because you want RGB smart bulbs?

  17. dbxp says:

    The RGB is a nice toy but not crucial, it's mostly that it feels like a bit of a hack adding smart features via the power input when there's the possibility of adding it on the device itself.

  18. The Bugle is the podcast equivalent of HIGNFY, it's opinionated but not madening as it's light hearted

  19. fines?? Imagine a poor student with abusive parents. Coming into school the next day after a long night and getting a fine.That would mess you up mentally

  20. I did say I wasn't sure how to fix the cultural issue, I was just spit balling ideas.

  21. I would try to remove disruptions from the class by using the systems which were setup during the pandemic for distance learning to allow kids to be removed from the class quicker.

  22. Perhaps you could speak to EON for me. They think it's going from £125 a month (which was already high as it was £80 a month a year ago) to £380 a month. I'd class that as going through the roof.

  23. Your DD has nothing to do with the rates, if they charge you £500 on the DD and you use £100 then you're £400 in credit on your account. So next month you may find you're in credit for £255.

  24. Forget the oneliners thing asap. That's not what functional prpgramming means, it's just a side effect of the syntax, and pretty harmful to readability, that's one of the important points of that paradigm.

  25. I agree with what you're saying but I never really considered pure functions as part of functional programming, just general good practice. I just don't want to think about state and temporal coupling if I don't have to and it makes unit testing much simpler.

  26. I'm not rich, but have a very comfortable disposable income and benefited from the budget (ignoring the fallout on inflation and interest rates). I will simply up my monthly savings DD and investments to swallow up the extra cash I get from my tax going down. As, I suspect, will most people.

  27. I think trickle down may work to an extent in some countries but I think in the case of the UK the two things the wealthy would buy with more money would be better housing and foreign travel which don't really benefit the domestic economy. Maybe in Japan it would work better, people tend to spend a lot more on local services and there's more domestic travel.

  28. I wouldn't consider devops to really be an entry level role, it's the convergence of sysadmin ops work and development so I think you need experience in one of those 2 fields first. I wouldn't start really thinking about getting a devops role until you're midlevel in one of those 2 roles, just attending a developer bootcamp isn't enough as there will be a lot of hole in your knowledge which from what I've seen take a couple years working experience to fill.

  29. They have credibility however they are fast tracked 101 courses so to make use of them you have to do more than just the one course.

  30. Often it means it has cladding and doesn't have an esw1 form which means it's unmortgagable

  31. My landlord has turned the heating on but I've turned it off in my room and have the window open most of the time, I think my body just generates a lot of heat

  32. Similar to McDonalds breakfast, very overpriced in the UK

  33. I’m quite sure NATO can deliver “devastating” without going nuclear.

  34. Just hit the gas network with a cyber attack and let the weather do the job

  35. Ehhh we had a good few months of preparation before Desert Storm.

  36. True, but Russia is already fully committed against Ukraine. Half the Pacific fleet is in the Mediterranean so if the US decides to blockade Vladivostok and go after the SSBNs there's not a huge amount they can do about it.

  37. I beg to differ. Russia is in direct violation of UN charter article 2. If that's not enough to kick a member out then UN is a big fucking pile of useless shit. Why would they even have any rules if anyone can freely shit on them?

  38. The UN is a discussion forum not an alliance. The idea is to keep dialog open even between enemies so things don't escalate into WW3.

  39. The Browning M2 50cal is a pre WW2 design, and many of those still in use are WW2 production runs. Still wouldn't like having one pointed at me. (but yeah seriously, russian reserve equipment is really bottom of the barrel stuff)

  40. M2 is mounted so weight is less important

  41. Yeah, it's not just about comfort, depending how bad the winter gets not having winter equipment can significantly lower the efficiency of the army. Soldiers with frostbite and colds are generally not very useful.

  42. I'm sure they have winter gear but whether it gets to the troops already at the front is another matter. It might get as far as the railhead and stay there.

  43. I would try to get in contact with them to see if PB is invading Fluffy's territory too, or perhaps he's trying to be friends but too dim to workout how territory works. I'm sure they'll work it out between themselves soon enough.

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