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  1. what, its just an ordinary… OH MY GOODNESS

  2. This minus the girl stuff is a pretty dope challenge

  3. his face is like that cuz i used the warp filter i also wanted it to have a staticy effect, as for the tub i rushed blending it

  4. I’ve seen more spine in a jellyfish, i’ve seen more gut in 11 year old jellyfish. Have another jellyfish and drive yourself home, i hope theres jellyfish on all the roads.

  5. the atv games were the shit back then

  6. I had something similar last night playing with a friend where it was telling me to power my base and to check logs but nothing was there, in the logs it was telling me to find more buried technology and i had like 6 that i used already lol

  7. “Take a shower with me person i just met”

  8. point at her and ask in a loud voice, sex?

  9. Most women realise how f*cked up the relationship was AFTER sometime they break up

  10. I think you’re right but this could also go for everyone. In the moment it all goes by so fast but when its all said and done and you get to process it you start to understand how it really was.

  11. Plot twist, he is riding a heat seeker like a bike

  12. met the missile last night, then i rode it like a bike, its so thick it looks like a dyke but thats ok cuz i think its named mike.

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