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  1. the fact that the sphere weighs exactly 50.00 lbs is very suggestive that it is manmade and comes from Earth America.

  2. This is exactly what I've been saying. Exactly.

  3. Is this the 'new Hitler' everyone's been clamoring about?

  4. Translation: "I love the fact that I'm gonna kill someone soon."

  5. I think it's smart to prep but not to spend all of your money on it. There are people who seriously go overboard with it, but people who make fun of someone who has a little food storage and first aid are not only dumbasses, they are assholes. And what the fuck is "normal" anyway? We're about to hit a massive recession and I'm glad I have food storage because it's going to make buying food a lot easier, because I already bought it! Being prepared isn't just for "end of the world" scenarios. This is what people don't realize.

  6. Thats not true, it'll only take a few weeks at most to fix, not like it can't be repaired.

  7. Do you have expertise in this area? And do you know the scope and nature of the damage?

  8. BBC was reporting yesterday it should be fixed in said time frame. I'm no expert, maybe I'm ignorant for believing them, but that's kinda their job to get info on the nature of damages and expertise to fix it.

  9. Keep it up with the memes on this topic. Hopefully more global outrage over Japanese work culture will lead to change.

  10. Ukrainians being genocided? I sleep. No beds? Real shit.

  11. According to modern political commentators:

  12. These are even more fun to wake up to in the middle of the night! /s

  13. BREAKING: 97% of Kamchatka has voted to join the U.S.

  14. Muslims have wokies wrapped tightly around their finger. You can be properly tolerant and still call out religious fuckery for what it is. Don't let cult members use your sentiments against you. I would venture to say religion is a much more serious threat than white people.

  15. as an evil wokester, it’s worse than you could imagine. i’m a leftist all the way, and the ass kissing other leftists (more often liberals) give to Islam is nauseating.

  16. Well said. The more we call it out the harder it will be for it to take root among liberals.

  17. Not having your name to something so toxic. It also reduces the chances that they'll be able to find you in the future. It sends a message to Church headquarters. It's super exciting to get the confirmation letter in the mail. I still have mine.

  18. Meanwhile, dude won't be able to find bread soon...

  19. Clearly Allah is putting these memes in your feed... /s

  20. Oh, you're full of it. I haven't seen a viable counterpoint yet, and your feelings getting hurt does not change that. I don't see calling someone a Russian troll as an insult, but rather a statement on the function and role they are playing in an argument. There is no moral equivalency on the world scale between what Russia is doing and what the US has done. We both agree that Iraq was bad. But it has no constructive bearing in any way on stopping the war in Ukraine. Anyone can look back in history and dig for something that might shift attention. But it is not an argument. Clearly, neither of you are worth my time and I wish you the best.

  21. How about we stop trying to find new bat viruses?

  22. With all the help the US gives israel, you would think Israel would lend a hand in helping the US help Ukraine. As an American voter, I am seriously rethinking our support to Israel. They can claim persecution all they want. But if they are not going to stand up to bullies, they are the epitome of hypocrisy. Help us, they say, but won't help anyone else. Innocent Israelis are being killed, they say, but they don't give a shit when innocents are dying elsewhere. They don't seem to realize that the world order that protects them is under threat. If Ukraine falls, and China and Russia are emboldened, Israel is fucked.

  23. I am led to believe most of our support for Israel is Bible-based.

  24. This is a small move but it's definitely going to get positive opinions from a lot of people, regardless of their opinion on Desantis

  25. Agreed 100%. We need to see more of this. Every state.

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