1. Well, he has a dear sibling who died tragically and another sibling who didn't know about until later.

  2. Fuck that, I’d sell my soul for an Alt Shift X cosmere series

  3. The “oh no” face and accompanying sound is burned into my neurons for all time

  4. I think some OverSimplified joke is burned into neurons of all watchers, lol.

  5. These are my favorite types of posts on this sub. Someone reflecting on the whole of it and seeing how much emotion was invested in all of these threads of the pattern.

  6. I just wanna comment on your profile pic: that's the second best depiction of Rand I know.

  7. The funny thing is, that Morgoth can literally not be killed, as he poured much of his essence into corrupting middle earth.

  8. Which could also be used to explain why evil exists even when Shai'tan is not there (and why he seems to know much more than he should): the world is his Ring.

  9. Ole Mairon seems much more like an Elan Morin or a Barid Bel, I think.

  10. Yes, but their origin is known: they are human. So the only candidate for Sauron is Shaidar Haran.

  11. I'm sure it's in here somewhere, these old usenet discussions are full of wacky theories

  12. If everyone went celibate like he was wanting, then bye-bye the human race

  13. It's like you never read the Bible. If you had, you would have the same understanding. Well, without the completely unquestioning acceptance of the religious brainwashing you've gone through, anyways.

  14. It obviously is not. It is obviously whitewashing the issues and pretending that it's far superior to what it is.

  15. Since it looks like I’m the only person here who is a fan of both WoT and Warcraft, here are some of my thoughts:

  16. Nice way. Regarding the problems you came into, I think I have a perfect balance of both stories.

  17. Maybe there's less crossover between WoT readers and WoW players than I would've thought. =)

  18. Did Breaking of the World happen during the War of the Ancients? Is One Power greater than other magic?

  19. Because while catholic christianity teaches that hell is a real theoretical possibility, the Church never declared a specific person to be in hell. In fact we are encouraged to hope and pray that all be saved. Even the Fatima prayer says:

  20. Did Breaking of the World happen during the War of the Ancients? Is One Power greater than other magic?

  21. Did Breaking of the World happen during the War of the Ancients? Is One Power greater than other magic?

  22. While all of this talk that it is an excuse might be right, I really don't think that (latest in his life) it is right to call Logen evil. By the time of original trilogy and Red Country I personally think his sadism and regret really did diverge into two different personalities.

  23. my sons middle name is Al'thor. your move

  24. Lepo kaze Pracet, sve gljive su jestive, neke doduse samo jednom.

  25. In my headcanon, I like to think Rand experienced lives of multiple people in the Multiverse of fiction: the ones presented are just one of many.

  26. Not particularly. I only share my opinion. You guys have been killing and persecuting people of my religion since the beginning. Not only that, you've been killing each other for years (30 Year war).

  27. So I stand with my initial position. Jews see Messianics as a problem because they are a problem. It is not that they are Jews with a different practice, they are part of a group out to harm Jews. Look at the forking card starting this thread. It is instructions on how to lie to Jews to convert them.

  28. I find efforts to convert us harmful. I am saying that that this is an example and that there is a long history of enough Christian groups harming Jews that Jews have reason to treat them differently from how they treat Buddhists. I'm sorry you don't like that, I think my not liking mass violence takes priority.

  29. Yes, but it should be through elected representatives so that at least it reflects a majority of the people's will. And as always, there needs to be protections for minorities, because you can't have four wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

  30. Every society forces a type of morality they believe on someone else...

  31. If it makes you feel any better, in The Wheel of Time Companion Bela is said to be alive. Maybe due to popular demand.

  32. Whose death in WoT hit you hardest?

  33. Death that hit hardest? Probably Hurin, but there wasn't a lot of deaths that hit.

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