1. This is a horribly written “article”. It reads like a high school essay.

  2. Still better written that 90% of American Horror Stories haha 😂

  3. Crazy they still have not addressed this glaring issue. They only seem to be focused on the fact that it’s on Xbox now. No mention of PlayStation users getting screwed over with the update.

  4. I agree that IGN’s PSVR2 video was laughable. I watched a few other channel’s videos afterward for a more realistic review of the new tech.

  5. I just downloaded Skyrim again 😂 do I reload my old save or just start a new save lol !

  6. I say to start new and get familiar with the game. After a few hours, jump back to your old save and be amazed at all of the great gear and stuff you have.

  7. I vaguely remember trying to kill my wife last time 😂 I need to load it up and see if anything jogs my memory 😂

  8. If you didn’t kill her, she’s probably already took half of your stuff.

  9. I feel like that’s the exact same situation, although just stopping to play Legends Arceus instead haha. It was a great game, I found it difficult I won’t lie to coming back in so late game is just gonna be rough when the enemies won’t match my renewed beginner experience 🥵

  10. And I can’t push myself to put it on easy, then it feels boring. Ugh the struggle.

  11. I understand what you meant, but I don’t think you understand what I meant. That’s why I’ve said it all boils down to the person. The original Zelda, I’m sure you remember, has no tutorial, nothing explaining how the game works. The original cartridge may have had instructions but by the time I was old enough to enjoy a game like that, around 1994, I lacked both the physical user manual and the internet.

  12. Great point. Lack of tutorials back in the day was a thing. Had to just figure it out. Often these days I too get annoyed by tutorials… the only time I sometimes need them is when I’ve been away from a game for quite some time.

  13. Seriously. We all know they will look like junk compared to how Apple does things. I am so happy this is finally going to be a thing.

  14. i think they meant it to be a joke lol, serious designers didn’t wait for apple before, and won’t need it now

  15. There is a need. Then there is taking advantage of a convenience.

  16. Oooo that's all good right there I'd love to see some dj themed stages. Honestly idk what they could add for weapons theyve really got their bases covered. Maybe a frost version of the incenerator or even some gunblades that still have a melee attack after the ammo is depleted? For the first time I'll definitely trust whatever direction the devs want to take it

  17. Hell yeah! You're full of good ideas! I'd love to see a unique cross bow with some exploding crossbows arrows as an alternate to bazookas with a faster travel speed for projectiles. Akimbo pistols would be such a good alt to alot of the starters And I think more melee options with special attacks would be super sweet. Like for instance the ability to do a spin attack with the chainsaw or deflect bullets with the light sabre for half damage

  18. Thanks! You have some great input as well. Homing rockets that you can curve or aim after you’ve already shot would be interesting too.

  19. Sliding into boxes to keep a combo sounds dope to me!

  20. Yep the progress updates the next time you play solo

  21. I haven’t played solo since I first started last week. Can’t wait to see which trophies pop after my first solo match after getting to like level 35.

  22. yeah i’m halfway thru rn but it’s so hard cuz the urge to just stick to the legendary guns is so big

  23. I totally understand wanting the use your favorite weapons. Once you have a weapon blur though, it’s good enjoy to use for the first 15 difficulty levels or so.

  24. Great question, I’ll stick around to see if anyone has answers. In the meantime, maybe you can work on maxing out more of your weapons to legendary.

  25. I was just thinking of this and I 100% think it could be a great game. They could literally just call it Ghosts of Tsushima.

  26. Sell that! I’ll buy it! I buy these custom designs all the time.

  27. I honestly didn’t know that there was a market for custom designs. Is there some sort of marketplace-style website to sell on? Or does that kind of thing need to be don’t directly buyer/seller?

  28. Nice eye! I wondered if anybody would notice 😜 figured there had to be some people that would recognize it.

  29. Glad you enjoy how this one turned out. It’s available to download for free if you have a TTS. Just search up my Gran Turismo profile Daltono or my PSN Thr3EyeMindGames. I also explain how to download it in this video

  30. You think it’s going to be a positive turnaround? Or get worse than it already is?

  31. Nice. I miss the days of copying games from blockbuster on PS1.

  32. The industry used to be so much more consumer-friendly 😩

  33. Thank you! I car* about what is going on here a lot. This game is too good to get shafted.

  34. Oh… Well I’m not taking back the BBSrimjob compliment.

  35. I said 🖕🏻 right away and maxed out my F8.

  36. This used to be THE car. It’s sad people will actually fork over their money for this. I’m calling 20 mil for the Saleen S7.

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