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You got me stone faced

  1. Doesn't matter even if it's true. Twitter's value won't go up just because the latency is better by 500ms lmaooo

  2. Maybe he just had 43 billions burning a hole on his pocket? Dude has enough to buy stupid shit. I have much less and still do.

  3. Honestly I think he was memeing buying twitter and afterwards he was forced, and now he's clucking like a headless chicken because he doesn't know what to do.

  4. If your idea of life and income doesn't match his then you should find another man because it probably won't change. And you'll just be bitter about it.

  5. I have these gummies that are a half a gram each. Should I cut the half In Half?

  6. I have no idea, haven't tried gummies yet

  7. Take one of that and if you get a perceptual effect you should halve that, and take it another day. The point of microdosing is to take a low enough dose the you don't trip, but still still receive some benefit from it.

  8. I avoid drinking water an hour before bed. Helps a lot with this problem

  9. Think that you can quit anytime. So nobody is forcing you to stay at this new job. Go and see what it's like, you might like it a lot more than your previous job.

  10. Whoop whooop it's the rant police 🚨🚨🚨, we don't care about your rant, it's not even a good rant tbh

  11. I appreciate the community's response to it though. It helped me resync with myself.

  12. This comment is pretty entertaining though

  13. Count the carbs and if it's below 50 you're safe

  14. Webdev can open lots of doors for you, entrepreneurially speaking. And if your life is balanced, it's enjoyable. But you can very easily get burnt out and it sucks, it happened to me.

  15. Work less hours, don't think about programming 24/7, take the weekends off and don't program during the weekends, notice when you're mentally fatigued and actually take a brake from programming.

  16. Yes dude and it was at a club . I had an ego death and it was the worst experience. That’s why when I did the 0.5 g again I was scared but it was a good experience

  17. You keep doing mushrooms in a club. You do E in a club, mushrooms are for home quiet alone time, not club music time

  18. I actually think both inside and outside is good 👍

  19. I don't buy products that might hurt me, and I eat whole foods and cook most of the time. It is annoying, that the standard is how it is, and it would help to have a standard label that guarantees something is 100% gluten free. Hope we get there some day

  20. My mom shows signs of ADHD, even though she's very organised and not late. I think ADHD (add) is a spectrum, and you might be on one side of the spectrum where not all signs and symptoms show up. But that's just me, not a doctor haha

  21. Dropping out 6 months before graduation? Sounds awful

  22. That example strengthens my argument. Massive industries exist to serve as an intervention for obesity. Gyms, fad diets, surgeries, pharmaceuticals…

  23. Again you're wrong, out of all the people I know only myself and one other is in a specific diet because we care about maintaining a healthy body and mind. So I'd say your argument doesn't make sense because the people who are on diets like that aren't everywhere.

  24. That is kind of my point. If something is determined to be beneficial, you would expect it to start as a niche but eventually be adopted more widely. It’s been more than a decade and, outside of this subreddit, I very rarely see anyone wearing minimal shoes or (much less) running unshod. It’s like the same number now as it was in 2010.

  25. Idk what you're saying doesn't make much sense. The general population don't care about things that are healthy to them. Look at how many people are obese in the world

  26. Wow that's a pretty big family haha. I have been practicing not talking when I'm around people and sometimes it helps

  27. It’s a uni roommate situation lol. I know I need to be more mindful with my words but that feels so hard with adhd Thanks for your response 💖

  28. Oh yeah that sounds pretty chaotic! I lived with 3 other people in uni and it was already feeling too much haha

  29. Will I need electrolyte mixing powder or is 36 hours too little of time to need to supplement that?

  30. I'd say anything below 24 hours is fine, above that you should supplement electrolytes. But that's what I'm comfortable with, maybe you're different.

  31. Your pot is too small, get a bigger one. I have a 10l one where I cook most of my food

  32. Cook your own food, have sunflower seeds at the ready for when you have to snack, and don't eat the food they cook. That's about it

  33. Just get some clients, build the website for them, and reuse what you learned to make these templates. I think you're overcomplicating it.

  34. I think you should go for the stack that best suits your saas, no matter if it's popular or not. It won't matter too much acquisition, I'd say. They only care about users and revenue

  35. But if the language/stack is less mainstream, wouldn't that make it harder for the buyer to find devs to maintain it when i've exited, thus increasing their anticipated cost of acquisition, making them less likely to buy? Not saying it'd be a dealbreaker just wondering if my reasoning is sound and it'd factor into their decision wheter or not to acquire us?

  36. That's insignificant I'd say. Yes there are less ruby on rails devs than js devs, but that doesn't mean if you build your saas with it you won't find buyers. That's rarely the case and it doesn't matter

  37. Yes, 3-6 months is a good timeline, if you actually do put in the time. It's very doable

  38. I actually read notes I've been taking 3-4 years ago and they were so depressing and sad. This was before I got rid of most of my depression this year.

  39. Ugh yes same. My brain fog was so bad just before I got diagnosed

  40. That's awesome.. I really hope that I can say the same in the near future.

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