1. Thanks for reviving this muted subreddit. I was pretty bored because I couldn't get new and exciting news.😁

  2. Neishaw Ali is in charge of the visual effects and she is known for the fifth wave, dragon ball evolution, priest. Based on the trailers for those movies I wouldnt get your hopes up but you can be the judge. Haven't seen them but they look like low budget awful movies.

  3. Neishaw Ali has also appeared in Beauty and the Beast (live action), Suicide Squad, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, the Twilight and Star Trek. You didn't do your research well my friend. Considering these productions and the cooperation of important companies (pixomondo and dneg), your comment becomes meaningless.

  4. This is the most beautiful live action fan art I've ever seen🙌😍

  5. Nice job about found the who's Jet's actor. You're the best KnightGambit🙌

  6. Probably just because of the pictures they picked. They're both east Asian and can definitely play siblings. Dallas Liu is of Chinese and Indonesian descent. Even though I can't find more information about Lizzy Yu's ethnicity, I can directly tell from her last name, most likely Chinese descent.

  7. Even if he’s inappropriately older than her, they should t remove the crush because that’s very realistic. Plenty of young teen girls crush on older guys. It doesn’t mean anything actually happens, but why pretend girls don’t feel that way.

  8. dude, this is not my post. I just quoted the article from the source website :D You can check out the link.

  9. Sorry there weren’t “quotes” so I didn’t realize 🥲

  10. Actors who are passionate enough to see themselves in costume and cry give me loads of hope and happiness

  11. Whether you want to watch the show or not, no one can comment like that on an actor. These stupid people need to grow up urgently. They're just actors and they try to do their best.

  12. Maybe some of you think differently but I think it's so cringe to talk about this... They're just actors and CHILD

  13. She is best known for voicing Pocahontas in the classic 1995 animated film by Disney. Though she has also appeared recently in both Westworld, The Mist and Ralph Breaks the Internet. She is of Iñupiat and French Canadian/Cree descent living in Anchorage, Alaska. She is 55 years old.

  14. No, but it would probably make sense for Avatar Kuruk to guide Aang as he meets koh in the spirit world in live action. The person with the best background and knowledge with Koh was Avatar Kuruk, and Avatar Kuruk was not mentioned enough in the original show. Avatar Kuruk is also the most suitable Avatar for the war atmosphere in NWT.

  15. someone commented under the last post of Gordon and he said the photo is from 1 month ago.

  16. For me, judging the show based on what a bunch of idiots said on twitter is like believing a passerby saying that the end of the world will break out soon. So.. Yes I'm excited.

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