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  1. Fields the AI can use perfectly. Some off-roading areas/hills (not a flat map). Large forestry area. Home farm is close to shop.

  2. i can't find any footage either i think i have to do it on a slight downward ledge its super grippy and awkward, i guess thatswhy people dont do them haha

  3. DaVinci learned to write backwards so people couldn’t read his notes easily. (You use a mirror)

  4. Em doesn’t deserve to be on the list, he wasn’t as active and these people were in the past decade. Plus he has two bad albums dropped this past decade.

  5. I’m the opposite of a stan but Em has top 10 Spotify streams right now. He’s above everyone else on this list other than drake.

  6. Judging the quality of music by streams is just wrong imo

  7. I tend to agree but I think that’s a controversial opinion we share. There’s a lot of people who actually think Eminem is really the greatest

  8. I’m sure there are some things in Canuckland that we can’t get.

  9. The homeowner starter kit. I don’t think we can get anything but the drill in the US

  10. I’ve never been able to actually buy that because it’s never available. I want the hammer mostly

  11. First one matches better. Amazing concept tho, it blew my mind and looks awesome

  12. so, i have asthma. i know what it’s like to not be able to breathe and to require whatever specific treatment he’s getting for breathing through the mask on his face… if he was struggling hard enough to need that treatment, he would not be able to carry on a conversation without gasping for breath. there is nothing about this man that looks ill. and why isn’t he wearing a hospital’s gown? this looks like acting on a set to me.

  13. The box is travelling at the same speed as the truck but it experiences less wind resistance because the truck is blocking the wind, therefore is appears to accelerate (it’s going the same speed but not being affected by the wind), plus it seems to catch a lucky bounce.

  14. There is a vacuum in the box of the truck

  15. It has always bothered me unreasonably that he said "open hand, fist..." and not "fist, open hand..." so that the order matched with "rock, paper..."

  16. Honestly, I never realized the inconsistency until I was typing the comment today, and now it bothers me too

  17. I like this far better than the bombardment of nudes we see everyday on this subreddit

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