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  1. is there an alternate camera angle? we can't see if he stepped on something or not

  2. The screw is loose and the hole on the handlebar gets stripped due to the softer metal..resulting in inability to just buy a replacement screw

  3. Try wrapping the screw threads with a thin piece of rubber band and then screwing it in. Make sure to not crossthread it too

  4. Stay strapped Asians. It's only going to get worse.

  5. So far there's been documented incidents of home invasions and armed street robberies in Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights, Brea, City of Industry, Whittier, South Whittier, El Monte, South El Monte, Rosemead, Temple City, San Gabriel, Alhambra, Monrovia, Baldwin Park, Covina, and Arcadia.

  6. Raw stringer footage of the suspect search and victims being transported to hospital

  7. Just switched to Verizon 5G. They only offer LTE in my area. Still get 40-80Mbps download, 4-6Mbps upload. 5G will be available in my area within 6 months. Spectrum is a terrible company.

  8. Excuse my ignorance, how does 5g internet from phone companies work compared to traditional ISPs?

  9. Verizon will send you a router. I have two gaming systems and internet TV apps running consistently each day. No issues so far. If you have Verizon mobile phone service with auto pay, it’s $25/mo locked in for 10 years.

  10. Doesn't sound like a bearing issue to me. Usually a bearing going bad will induce a metal to metal scraping sound. The sound would be there if you rotate the wheel it by hand. You might even have some side to side play (grab the tire with both hands and try to rotate it left and right) if your bearings were bad.

  11. there's a setting where you can set it to only wake up from a swipe instead of a tap. maybe you accidentally turned on that setting? with normal use the screen should wake up from just a single tap. or if you flick your wrist towards your face it should also wake up the screen.

  12. The very northern end of the San Gabriel River Trail in Azusa. You're basically entering the base of the mountains so there's a slight incline as you head North. It's a very slight and almost unnoticeable gradual incline though so it might be too easy for your fitness level. I would start at the Santa Fe Dam and go to the end and back.

  13. My biggest thing is that sooo many people are on the streets driving stolen and/or unregistered vehicles with no license plates, so they don't give two shits if they clip another car or if they break traffic laws. There's a slew of people who drive with fake printed dealer paper plates too. There's no accountability.

  14. Simple question, but was the sun in his eyes?

  15. Crash happened at 6:26 AM. While there is daylight at that hour, the sun isn't really visible yet. Especially when it's more inland like in South Whittier where this happened.

  16. Gotta say this is the stupidest thing for a lawyer to allow his client to do. Its up there with Alec Baldwin's interview.

  17. I watched the interview that just aired on NBC. It wasn't really that bad. His lawyer didn't allow him to answer some of the questions that were asked by Colleen.

  18. You can use OfferUp instead since they have a rating system you'll know who to ignore and who's serious. Only deal with people with 5 stars

  19. He's actually done an entire 180 in recent months. He's been charging more felonies and sticking violent criminals with enhancements, something he's refused to do in the past.

  20. 2 were charged with multiple felonies, the other got one. They're not getting off easy with these types of charges. Plus the feds can easily pick them up on a HOBBS Act too if the state case falls apart. They've already done that with some of the other "follow home robbery" crews who were hitting up Beverly Hills and other affluent areas.

  21. My only hope is that they're able to keep it relatively safe with regular patrols and general maintenance. The LA River trail as it currently is from Imperial Ave (South Gate) to where it currently ends in Vernon/Maywood is kinda sketchy with gang and drug activity. They're likely going to have similar issues in the Fashion and Arts district portion of DTLA. But as long as many people use it I think it should be fine.

  22. Arts district will probably be ok. The neighborhood security is pretty on point. South of the 10 all bets are off

  23. Yeah, and hopefully they can find a way to keep motorcycles and other motor vehicles out. One big problem we have on the San Gabriel Trail is that people on unregistered motorcycles, dirtbikes and minibikes use it as their own personal 605 freeway alternative.

  24. I've parked at that Home Depot before and it ended up being okay. It was a little sketchy at first because I didn't want to park in the actual Home Depot lot since I was not shopping there, but the only other parking is in the way back underneath the freeway and it was dark. Lots of homeless encampments in the back too.

  25. I love biking but i hate cars and drivers who hate bikes

  26. I'm going to assume he does have access to the interior. He can get one of those power plug back feed chargers and that alone should be enough to disengage the break.

  27. Wait, they make something that can charge the battery from the cigarette plug?

  28. Some arenas have back-to-back events and have to quickly transition from NBA court to NHL setup, or a concert venue, and they typically start breaking things down right away. I've witnessed this several times at the Staples Center when I used to go to a lot of Lakers games. Dwight Howard would always come back post game and work on his free throws but the arena staff had those ladders up so the engineers could take down all of the camera and electrical equipment that's directly behind the backboard. Sometimes there would be small arguments breaking out here and there, but nothing like this.

  29. Thanks. Should I do the freeway to keep the RPM's higher or the regular city streets with lower RPM? Or does it not really matter?

  30. Yeah it doesn't necessarily matter you can just go putter around for like 30 to 45 minutes and you should be fine, more rippums, Equals more juice, It doesn't necessarily matter though

  31. Thanks. The problem is the way the car is parked in the tiny garage. I can't even get access to the front of it to hook up a jump pack. She parked really close to the wall, and the two front sides of the car are also blocked. That's why I need to put it in neutral so I can roll it back a few inches first. The gear shift lever is not a problem since it can be bypassed with the screwdriver, but the handbrake is another story. I guess I'll have to call AAA or something lol.

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