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  1. Wow where'd you get the tv?! And what the hell is a dictionary?! Wait.. is this a time machine exhibition?!

  2. Ah man I know it is commercialized but GameStop had some really cool Dragonball z ramen noodle set, and other themes too

  3. I'm having a hard time finding a match ... Yes... But an opponent... No *drops mic

  4. Dang that's a tough question and tough sitch. I'm sorry 😔 I imagine you feel a good amount of frustrations towards him at times. I think this whole q think is actually introspective looks into people's deep emotions. Like to believe q anon or medical q beliefs you have to have a real negative opinion of people's intentions which is no way to live so I dunno, but I am sorry for you.. and him kinda in a way

  5. Send the loud mouths to the front. Let them support their motherland aka get torn up by Ukrainians

  6. Yeah that's true. I'm sorry if people knew what you actually went through I don't think they'd act this way. Your leg brace looks like it really really hurts. The pic made me sweat for a second

  7. I wish I could do that sometimes but i have no idea what else I would do. I love my job until o don’t. Rough

  8. Check out Coursera. It's an online college certificate program by Google. I started by learning UX design on there and that kind of morphed into graphic design because I liked the artistic parts of UX but they have a bunch of different stuff even degrees. It's cheap I paid 35$ per month for however long it took to complete (couple months)

  9. I have a masters degree, I don’t need random courses. But thanks.

  10. Oh and I'm a licensed PE in electrical, 2nd class high pressure steam engineer, but I wasn't happy with any of those opportunities. Some people complain and whine others make change choose which

  11. I'm sorry what's going on here? Is that a piercing of some kind with a chain hanging from it? Is the charm caught between your front teeth? Were you being sarcastic because it's a terrible day because you have a pendant caught between your front teeth? Well that's all I got for questions answer at your leisure

  12. I’ve got it all priced out and feel confident about that part, more concerned with the weather/what the experience will be like when we get there!

  13. Ah ok I see. Portland cleans up nice from storms but there is a ton of slush always (old streets) def have some waterproof shoes.

  14. Went ahead and booked! You raise a good point though. I’m sure this is a cop-out with what I’ve heard about some of the smaller boutique hotels in the area, but I’m a Marriott guy and will be paying mostly in points. Any thoughts on the location/general niceness level of either the Westin or the AC hotel? Westin looks essentially to be in the core of downtown, although again I have no idea what I’m talking about

  15. So I go into Portland twice a week, once for a run and once with my teenage daughter because she loves the city and we just walk around, usually get dinner. The Westin is right next to the parking garage I use everytime so short answer is yes you nailed it on the head haha. That's a great area, tons of restaurants within eyesight even but even more options with in short walking distance. you guys are going to have a good time no doubt. Like I said though bring the best boots ya got. As far as the AC hotel, it's a great location as well it's closer to the wharf and stuff but either location is prime

  16. Illustrator is for creating vector artwork. It is not good for doing pixel-based stuff.

  17. Depends on your starting point and the exact look you are going for. Are you going to make hand-crafted pixel art from scratch, or just process a photo in some way (making it more pixellated and reducing the color palette with some sort of dithering)?

  18. Right on fren, I'll try ps. I'm going for old school video gamey pixel art. Stardew valley style sort of

  19. Alot of people answer the door at 10pm with a gun cuz who shows up unannounced at 10pm. They should of identified themselves clearly rather than trying to be sneaky on someones property at 10pm. They fuckd this one up imo and this guy almost died over it.

  20. From the article I read it also sounds like this guy called the cops because someone was loudly banging on his door shouting obscenities. The article doesn't quite state it clearly, but that's what I gathered. So they arrive to a disturbance to his home and knock on his door without announcing who they are. Surely they were briefed on why he called the police?

  21. Yeah it just gets worse thankfully everyone is ok but hopefully this sheds light on either shady practices or shitty training

  22. I got an msi gl66 laptop and believe it or not it cranks with illustrator I had to upgrade my ram because it only came with 8 gigs but I up'd it to 64gigs and look out batman. I think all together with the ram upgrade i was under your budget. Then you can take it home and run some video games on it lol

  23. Oh and I bought a cool pad/stand because it's a laptop, they get hot...mine doesn't have that issue now

  24. I just click anywhere outside the artboard with the black selector tool and it gives me artboard options on the right hand side

  25. Also omg I just read the part about cancer... Holy shit.. I'm so sorry for you and your best friend :-( this breaks my heart truly. I hope your doggo loves Maine as much as mine.

  26. Actually.. may you all have the best time ever here I should of said. This is rough but Maine will help heal you. Ive lived here all my life and the magic never wears off

  27. No wonder they're dumb enough to fight the Ukrainian's.. they all are totally brain damaged at boot camp lol

  28. Anything but pit bull. My daughter's bit her in the face unprovoked when she was 4.. then she almost passed away from the meds they used to put her to sleep for facial stitches. My 4 year old literally flat lined when she was supposed to be waking up, again she did nothing and the dog was never at all aggressive with anyone. Pitbulls aren't worth it imo

  29. How does Jeffrey Epstiens dick taste cause all these diamond handed bitches will end up sucking it there will be no squeeze the rich people ain’t gonna let you poor fuckers in sorry not sorry

  30. Or should we get to know each other better? I'm ok on my end but it's up to you..

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