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  1. Anyone that thinks female teams have a chance against the male teams of "the same professional level" are mentally ill. In almost all sports, males are far superior due to their biology/genetics. It's important to be honest with your child. He is correct in what he stated, but perhaps he should explain why. More muscle mass, larger hearts and lung capacity, skeletal differences etc

  2. Okay 2 things. What the fuck is he meant to say?? Second of all, do you realise how dangerous that could be???

  3. She? You are a great example of the average reddit user..... the OP is a he

  4. Perhaps your mother is lying? How do you know your therapist told your mother this?

  5. Corrupt Progressives not holding their own accountable..... nothing new here

  6. Why are people saying hkd. What is the reasoning? I am seeing more and more HKD talk but no reason as to why

  7. Just because a lot bagholders pumping price by spaming HKD

  8. In the US capital gains tax applies. If longer than a year held basically 20% fed tax and whatever your state tax is, if less than a year then it taxes the same as wages.

  9. While I agree with you 100% I think it comes down to the very basic fact that German society at large wants to acknowledge their past and make reparations and amends as much as is possible in the hopes future generations never repeat it...

  10. Americans acknowledge it plenty but Progressives just want to perpetuate the hurts from over half a century ago to divide this nation. It's called divide and conquer. They keep most minorities poor and uneducated while telling them constantly white man bad, it is all their fault. Meanwhile, they push more and more Socialism as the cure all for our ills brought on by capitalism and the evil white man

  11. True but i take 3.5 sleep aids and 35mg of melatonin plus 2 50mg trazadone pills so i can sleep 6-7h. This is fine

  12. Squidgrow. Exchange, NFT Marketplace, and a mystery project with almost 200k lines of code are just around the corner. Head dev is largest Shib Inu whale. Dude has fronted a lot of his own money. He is filthy rich but he wants a legacy which includes investors making good profit.

  13. Squidgrow my friend. Exchange, NFT Marketplace, nfts with DC/Marvel artist Mike S. Miller and something in the works with approx 200k lines of code otw. Rumor is it may be a blockchain. The lead dev is the largest whale in Shib Inu.

  14. Her party's fucking policies are destroying us. They know shit is hitting the fan next year so they looking for a scapegoat..... crypto is perfect, it can be a scapegoat and be on the receiving end of massive regulation.

  15. Eth may be the future of finance. Once sharding and some other things are implemented it will be a powerhouse. I wouldn't be surprised if major financial institutions start utilizing it and speed up the mass adoption of Crypto in the process

  16. Doesn't that have implications that it would be even more regulated?

  17. Regulation is coming, whether crypto wants it or not. I think crypto needs some regulation, but I am concerned it will be excessive.

  18. The lgbtq shooting that was done by someone that identifies as non-binary?

  19. Only of Progressive politicians want to keep it propped up so they can launder money

  20. So misinformed you don’t know that that noise isn’t even a heartbeat but electrical impulses lmao

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