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  1. With all due respect, how can one be TOO successful? Isn't that the goal for everyone?

  2. Take it as a handsome compliment. I'm just a little fatigued by your constant playoff presence, division titles, 2nd-most titles WS championships, efficiency and culture. You're the envy of (almost) every fanbase, and for good reason.

  3. Very fair and I will indeed take it as a compliment. Cardinals Nation does indeed represent.

  4. Friends, saved by the bell, and full house. I can't imagine my teen years without Rachel, Kelly and aunt Becky.

  5. Wish I had found this earlier, I would have definitely jumped in. Good luck guys!

  6. There's only one right answer... All of them for different things, times and reasons.

  7. I got the pass before when they had them available, but for the life of me I can't remember if it would allow me to use my food reward AND get the free daily taco. Does anyone remember if you could use both on one order?

  8. Mine was doing that until the last update a week or so ago and then it stopped. Idk.

  9. OMG, thought it was just me - I want that damn enchirito, but somehow voted for double decker 🤦‍♀️.

  10. My cart has been doing the same thing since the last app update. I hate it, because we eat taco bell often and our orders are fairly large so having to do in and delete everything out if the cart before we order is a hassle for sure.

  11. I just noticed an app update, maybe that'll fix it!

  12. That's hilarious! The update must have fixed it because I ordered taco bell tonight for dinner (shocker) and my cart is clear! This has been going on for weeks in my app, and today, when we both mention it, boom! Clear!

  13. He's moving two hours of his daily stream to Twitch. The rest will be behind the Caveman Alerts discord paywall. Tastes shilly.

  14. Yeah, because how dare him make a few bucks off of day traders who are using his methods to make money themselves. So fucking shilly, right guys? Right?? Guys??? 🙄

  15. I'm all for him making money off of it, that's why I subbed to his Twitch. When someone says "I'll never charge to give you this information that I got for free" then turns around and requires you to pay to access it, I'm going to call them out. Like it or not.

  16. But he's not. He's given you the information for free. He has videos on his exact day trading strategy that he uses every day and that now I use as well. All that information is totally free. You're paying for the benefit of day trading with Trey, using his trades real time, the information isn't what's being charged for, it's the real time trading experience. There's a huge difference. I don't need to watch Trey to implement his strategy, now that I have the information he uses, but if I wanna know right now what his options bets are for the day, I can pay 15 bucks a month and watch him trade options and do the same if I choose to. Or I can work off of the free two hours he provides on twitch and then go do it myself the rest of the day. Either way he's providing exactly what he said he was for free. The information. What you do with it after is up to you. It's all right there on YouTube for free my dude.

  17. Okay, I'm only ranking 29 cause I don't think it's fair to rank your home stadium. Here goes:

  18. How did you miss Busch Stadium? It's downright beautiful and truly not a bad seat in the house. Ballpark Village next to the stadium is always hopping. I think the Cardinals did an amazing job with everything.

  19. I grew up eating these in the late 70s-early 80s before they discontinued them in the St Louis region and absolutely loved them as a child. People call it a sloppy joe but it's not, it's the taco meat, cheese, tomato and lettuce. It's honestly great. Very different then anything they currently have, simply by adding a hamburger bun!

  20. YouTube as you know is your friend. Watch the history, the horses, specifically legends like Secretariat, Seabiscuit and War Admiral, look up the Big Brown story, another fascinating one is Mine That Bird and his owners, horse racing has so many amazing stories and the history is deep with triumph and tragedies. Visit as many tracks as possible, including the holy shrine Churchill Downs.

  21. I'm 25 and it seems like a lot of people have that as the cutoff year for when you're officially a "real adult". I'm still waiting for the moment I feel like a real adult though. I still just feel like a 16 year old with a job lol

  22. Some people feel like they're 25 when they're 16. It depends on your childhood and how your situation is. I lived at home and was lost until I was 28. Everyone and every situation is different. Don't let anyone make you feel any less for being you.

  23. I'm pretty severely OCD when it comes to food, so as a child family gatherings used to be rough, and as I got older I found the real nightmare to be pot luck lunches at work.

  24. I remember seeing one of their signs on Jefferson(?), but didn't know the story. It might still be there, not far from Egg.

  25. There was definitely a Bugsy's on Jefferson for sure, that's great that the sign is still there, I'll have to check it out!

  26. I will forever weep for the arena. I wish they could have completed the deal to put the St Louis aquarium in there. It would have been amazing.

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