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  1. It didn’t work. Is it possible you misspelled a word or got a couple out of order?

  2. Adding this to my list of places I hope to visit. Thanks!

  3. I recently bought for the first time, and am planning to add more in the near future. It’s truly one of the most exciting projects in all of crypto. Glad to be a part of their mission and vision! (I’m also from the US)

  4. I totally agree! It's a very exciting project. And that's wassup! where in the U.S. may I ask? I'm in Georgia.

  5. Minswap or use muesliswap to route to best pricing and liquidity.

  6. I would go for minswap, better than sundae and it's a DEX and you can use your ledger

  7. Can someone let Tellor know that we are supposed to be in a bear market?

  8. You are in a good place with being invested in Algorand. If you want to diversify, in my opinion, look at Cardano, Chainlink, Polygon and Avalanche.

  9. That’s why I was smarter and kept mine on Celsius, you plebs! I think I’ll go check on it now.

  10. Me, not that I count it anymore lol

  11. Exactly. Market wide problem. Great buying opportunity.

  12. Was fortunate. Got all of mine off there just a day or so before the lockdown. Wasn’t so fortunate with some Polygon that’s stuck on Celsius. But I’m glad to have avoided the Exodus situation. Feeling bad for everyone trapped there currently.

  13. Exodus situation ? As in exodus wallet ???? Is something going on there as well ???

  14. Whoops, typo. Was late and I was tired. I meant Voyager situation. All good with Exodus. Sorry to cause any concerns.

  15. Well, I have been excited to see the price of ADA go down while the development and quality building on Cardano has gone up. What an amazing opportunity as an investor.

  16. So is my Cardano safe in Voyager? Or should I look into transferring it to FTX or CRO?

  17. I would always download my ADA to one of the Cardano wallets. I use Yoroi, but many prefer Nami or Eternl. Yoroi has served me well.

  18. You can afford a quality bus ride like that? Your portfolio has held up better than mine. Teach me, oh guru!

  19. I learned to make sure soap doesn't get into my eyes while shaving my balls.

  20. This is a good move for crypto, sensible regulation has been needed for a while. While not perfect, it’s great to see some elected officials stepping up and look easing this conversation. Now for a BTC spot ETF…

  21. Nice uptick in price over the last few hours, market wide. Hoping the VHF will continue that momentum.

  22. Regulation will likely be good for the industry. Will add clarity, minimize some bad players, and provide a roadmap forward for the good ones.

  23. I hear you. I hold a small bag for that very reason. Not my biggest crypto play by any stretch. But it’s nice for diversification. Besides having some reasons to hope in its success over the long haul, those interest rates make it very attractive to include in my investment thesis.

  24. I wish this was the bottom, but I suspect that we will see lower through the summer and perhaps the fall before a potential course reversal. There could even be a case for a couple years of crypto winter. I personally think that’s a good thing for those of us who are accumulating and hoping to change our future. If we are aggressive for as long as we have this opportunity, we will be glad in three years.

  25. I keep adding more with every drop in price. I’m not even mad when it drops lower after I buy, I just buy more again. I can’t believe this opportunity to accumulate.

  26. Another day, a brand new month. Looking forward to this being a strong month for the Cardano ecosystem. So many good things brewing.

  27. Watching all the projects coming alive on Cardano is making me feel very bullish, even in this market downturn. So much happening.

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