1. As if Christianity weren't a pagan religion.

  2. Holy fuck the posters in this subreddit brain damaged. There's an equal amount of water on Earth too, guess that means no climate change, right? Same amount of sun hitting the earth, must not be climate change. Plants still exist, no climate change. Check mate.

  3. This brings back memories of the good old days when I grew up in Rialto.

  4. Nope, Synology does not have access to your personal files. The hardware is yours only.

  5. Except the hardware does phone home to Synology. How do you know what software is running on it? A lot of it is closed source.

  6. Why is everyone so afraid of soy? I've been eating the shit out of it and my testosterone and estrogen levels have been perfectly fine in a recent blood test. Identify as male btw.

  7. Kapparot is a customary atonement ritual. This is a practice in which a chicken or money is waved over a person's head and the chicken is then slaughtered in accordance with certain rules. Official website to end the practice: More than 50K chickens die every year during this practice.

  8. Funny that these abrahamic religions think of themselves as so advanced and evolved and yet are still practicing these superstitious and cruel rituals.

  9. Entity names. They are pure chaos. There's no way to manage them in bulk, or at least make them consistent within a device/type of device. If you change one, it breaks EVERYTHING that uses it.

  10. I'm over limits for vitamin D from just 5000 IUs a day. Get blood work done y'all.

  11. Is there a quick and easy way to switch back and forth between light and dark desktops with i3/sway and gtk/qt/etc various apps?

  12. Well, yeah. Flavours is ideal for me and I just write a script that runs it and dials in most things. Check it out it's on GitHub or a link is on my dots.

  13. I bet only one or two of those plugins are causing 90% of the delay. That was the case for me at least.

  14. I'm guessing these are useless if you have pets?

  15. This is why I started building my rom myself. I build it on my schedule and get OTA's from it. As much as I appreciate the LOS4microg project, the builds do tend to struggle. The last update for my devices from los4microg was August 24th. I've had 3 since then on my own. The tools to do so are all on their github, but it does take some decent hardware and storage to do it effectively. And you will need a web server if you want to OTA. Otherwise, you can still manually update.

  16. This is intriguing. Is there reference online on how to set this up?


  18. I use home-manager as an extra library of nixos modules outside of nixpkgs. Yes there is some overlap in offered functionality, but that's trivially avoidable. Other than that it does look enticing to just save all my .config files into my home-manager config, which lives in a flake repo on /etc/nixos (under my user's ownership), but the reality is that it would be too much of a hassle to stop using KDE System Settings altogether and googling the name of every single setting going forward, because once home-manager manages a file, you are not supposed to edit it in any other way.

  19. Home manager is not all or nothing. In fact you can have it installed where it's basically not managing any of your home config. You can make as much of it declarative as you want. My pattern is to slowly make anything that doesn't change regularly declarative as I get the chance. It's been really nice, as I find that the majority of my setup is in my home directory than global on the system.

  20. You are not getting my point which is when a file is managed by home-manager, all changes to it (if you can even make changes to it and it's not linked from the nix store. not sure) will be lost at the next rebuild. Now it's true that KDE settings are not all in one file, but hunting down each setting's textual value, location and whether that file is managed by home-manager is a nightmare compared to using the graphical interface. I wish there was a desktop environment built on home-manager, but there isn't.

  21. Ah yeah I get what you are saying now. Though i3 and Sway are certainly meant to be configured using text and do fine with home manager, so there are options for desktops. They are nowhere near as complex and featured as KDE though.

  22. I still feel guilty for using visual selection after a decade.

  23. Remember when people didn't have heart problems, ever?

  24. But the memes told me that the jab broke my heart. I believe memes above all reason and facts.

  25. Have you considered Adguard Home? You can run it directly on the same node as OPNSense at it integrates easily. It looks like it supports the subnet stuff you mention.

  26. How does one tell if they truly have signature spoofing? I've gotten all the checkboxes checked off in microg but the signature spoofing checker app still reports that it's not spoofing, and certain apps don't work. I've tried every guide and magisk module out there. The only way I've gotten it to work is to install a rom with spoofing out of the box.

  27. Depending on how the spoofing is done, a signature spoofing checker app may have no idea. MicroG's self-check really should know.

  28. The apps that don't work are Uber and Soundcloud, among others. I know there's a difference because they work on the rom with spoofing built in.

  29. Just make sure you have never committed any plain-text secrets to your git repo and it should be fine. Remember that the history is still available.

  30. There's also a tool called bfg that will strip strings, commits, files etc from repo history. I used it to remove passwords and certs with ease.

  31. In this configuration, I have 3 displays. 2 1080p monitors scaled at 1, and my laptop's 1080p display scaled at 1.25.

  32. I only see this with Zoom, which I believe is QT. Hoping the solution is similar.

  33. Pete Davidsons standup has actually been pretty good. In the same way that Tosh or Jeselnik are. But almost everything else he does is trash, and maybe he’s just super damaged, but he seems like a trash person too. Who the fuck wants to date Kim Kardashian, unless….money?

  34. His standup is aight. It's not so bad that you are suffering but that's not a glowing endorsement now is it.

  35. What about video games? "The Room" series really fits this bill, especially starting with #2. Insanely atmospheric, especially the VR one.

  36. There are a lot of people that believe that farms are mostly humanely run, and that animal products are a necessary part of a human diet. There's a bit of willful ignorance sprinkled in there as well, as they have probably seen plenty of evidence to the contrary and chose to ignore it.

  37. Yeah, it's always this dumbass reason. "I have an intolerance". That's right, an intolerance to reason and facts.

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