1. tldr; Bloomberg Intelligence's Mike McGlone has said that October has historically been the best month for Bitcoin (BTC) since 2014, averaging gains of about 20% for the month. The rise of interest rates globally is putting downwards pressure on most assets, but Bitcoin is gaining the upper hand when compared to commodities and tech stocks like Tesla, he added. The second half of 2022 could see Bitcoin "shift toward becoming a risk-off asset, like gold

  2. tldr; The crypto exchange leased out a full floor of the prestigious Cheung Kong Center in 2018 but now relies increasingly on remote work. BitMEX’s largest office is now in Singapore. Bitcoin trades sideways.

  3. tldr; TerraForm Labs CEO Do Kwon has denied reports that South Korean prosecutors have frozen another $39.6 million worth of his crypto assets. Kwon is accused of violating capital market rules in connection with the collapse of his stablecoin, TerraUSD. A South Korean court issued an arrest warrant for Kwon on September 15.

  4. tldr; Connecticut-based advisory firm Tuttle Capital Management has submitted a preliminary prospectus filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission for two new exchange traded funds (ETFs) centered around betting against Jim Cramer's investment tips. Cramer is the host of CNBC’s Mad Money and has become a popular meme in the crypto and stock community.

  5. tldr; According to a report, 54% of crypto users in Turkey continue to buy or sell digital currencies at least once a month, second only to Nigeria. In Turkey, trading crypto was seen as a way to hedge against high inflation and to defend earnings amid the continued devaluation of the Turkish lira. For money transfers, crypto users often use Tether, a so-called “stablecoin” tied to the US dollar.

  6. tldr; Ex-CEO Alex Mashinsky, ex-CSO Daniel Leon and CTO Nuke Goldstein pulled bitcoin, ether, USDC and CEL holdings from their custody accounts in May, before the company suspended all customer withdrawals.

  7. tldr; Over the past two and a half years many people have contributed to EIP2535 Diamonds. People have helped by giving valuable feedback on the standard, building tools for it, adopting it, and educating and making it known to others. The list is not complete yet and I am still gathering names to add to it, so please tell me if you contributed.

  8. tldr; Alluvial Chief Growth Officer Mara Schmiedt said the coming years hold a flood of institutional adoption for crypto staking protocols.

  9. tldr; Just because Rostin Behnam is the rare government official who can casually drop a comment that suggests a future explosion in bitcoin price, doesn’t mean he’s a crypto bro. The chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is widely seen in crypto circles as a relatively friendly face in government, but his recent record on enforcement could suggest otherwise.

  10. tldr; According to Nansen, Starry Night Capital’s NFTs are currently being transferred into a Gnosis Safe account. To approve transactions in an exceptionally secure wallet, several signatures are required to approve transactions. The fund was established by Three Arrows Capital and Vincent Van Dough in August 2021.

  11. tldr; Investors new to crypto are more susceptible to scams. Following a set of simple due diligence routines will help users distinguish bad projects from legitimate ones. Scammers are coming up with more sophisticated schemes to take advantage of the less experienced, from traditional price manipulation to inserting bugs in applications.

  12. tldr; Ryan Selkis, CEO of Messari, a cryptocurrency research and data analysis company, believes that bear markets are good for getting the right people in the room to lead the next wave of growth and innovation in the crypto industry. He believes that the arrival of crypto winters helps "wash away all the dead wood" and create room for new competitors. Investors should use this time to build up their positions and remain consistent in allocations.

  13. tldr; ETFs and mutual funds have hit the market despite regulatory concerns about retail access

  14. tldr; The exchange hopes to attract both institutional players and smaller traders with no minimum order sizes.

  15. tldr; Crypto analyst Cred says bitcoin may have hit a once-in-a-lifetime bottom because of a unique mix of macro events. He says the current bottom presents a buying opportunity for investors with a long time horizon. Institutional investment in crypto has flourished in the last two weeks, hitting almost $1 billion.

  16. tldr; South Korea is set to strip Terraform Labs Pte founder Do Kwon of his passport, intensifying pressure on the fallen entrepreneur to return to the nation and face charges over a $60 billion crypto crash.

  17. tldr; The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has issued some dire forecasts about the US economy, which is causing alarm in some quarters. The CBO now projects growth will slow to 1.1% in 2023 and an average of 1.2% in 2024 and 2025, the slowest sustained growth the US has seen outside of a recession, according to Commerce Department data going back to 1929. "It's likely that, because the boom of 2021 and 2022 helped GDP reach its potential more rapidly, the rate of growth

  18. tldr; The credit-focused firm has been ramping up its commitment to cryptocurrency, unveiling a new investment manager and fund in recent months.

  19. tldr; Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk has hinted that his social media platform 'X, the everything app', is coming. He said that his purchase of Twitter is an accelerant to the creation of X, which could knock three to five years off the project. In August, when asked whether he had thought about creating his own social medial platform if the Twitter deal does not come through, Musk had replied, ""

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