1. I don’t know much about him! I’ve heard he’s bad but I don’t know exactly what he’s done. (Rich Lux)

  2. Same… anyone got a quick tldr or link to a previous post about him?

  3. i defiantly noticed it vs his older videos which i miss i use to watch his older stuff...but also with what you said about his personality he is friends with rich lux soooo...

  4. Wait- He has a podcast coming out?? He literally uploads 25-30min videos on YouTube daily… sometimes twice a day. Which is is job so I get it, but wtf else does he need to talk about?! Or is he bringing awareness to a specific topic on there or something?

  5. Why does Deb take better care of buzz than she does her own kids.

  6. Haha, thank you! That was another big thing with me… like she didn’t even ask of anything

  7. i think most IG stories automatically delete after it’s been longer than 24hrs. But here’s the video:

  8. How to pick up a date in the gardening department: a tutorial by EC

  9. How many goddamn walking videos is she going to do?!

  10. They banned her name on there 😂😂😂

  11. She mentioned the water for Buzz so many times and every time I keep thinking where is your water? Did you or your mom bring any for you? Or just the dog? Also pretty sure she is trolling bringing it up so many times but who knows.

  12. Def trolling. Same with the snacks for the dogs 🐶

  13. I think it’s because she’s used to sitting in the back and it’s probably where she’s most comfortable. I can literally see it in my head: Deb, buzz, and Eug walking outside to the car and eug says “Aw! Here buzz you can sit in the front with mom!” And here mom tagging along “Aw come sit in front with mom, buzzy” and that’s it.

  14. It’s one thing if they have a driver or something, but a dog riding shotgun over your kid… but let’s give her benefit of the doubt… in this video (even tho it was a dog-show) deb gave buzz soo much more attention than a lot of vlogs EC has done. Except when they went bday shopping for deb. But other than that, deb seems apathetic or bored or losing patience when she’s out with EC. But showered plenty of love for buzz.

  15. if they really meant they'd "leave it alone", then why bother with it at all? they just couldn't come up with a valid argument or didn't bother to. they don't seem to care about EC either, cuz it's behavior like this that proves how toxic her "fans" are and it only reflects badly on her (just my opinion).

  16. Good point… i stg not just the creeps, but some of her hardcore, basic fans/enablers are worse than she is.

  17. Whew, glad to know she’s not planning to be murdered, I was up all night wondering that. /s

  18. My bf and I went swimming once to test if it's true that "fat floats" (German saying) - he's got a much higher body fat % than I've got (I'm nowhere near as thin as Eugenia, though). I'm not a bad swimmer, nor is he, but we both tried to float and he gad a much easier time than I had. At some point, I was actually struggling to stay above water and he was just laughing at me, unable to comprehend what the problem was.

  19. Yep yep!! It’s also about coordinating your body weight & having a calm mindset. (like in movies they always show the person trying to float with someone holding their hands underneath them to ease the person’s anxiety and reassure them that they won’t drown bc they’ve got them). We had a swimming pool growing up (& spent our summers on the lake), so I also know how go to the deepest part of the pool and sit down all the way and just hold it without coming back up (doing that at the lake is incredibly scary tho lmao, the further you allow yourself to go, the colder it gets).

  20. Did you see the one where someone asked what she would do if her mom died?

  21. I’ve actually wondered this myself or vice versa, so it was a good question, imo. But yes, I agree 💯with your comment!

  22. Omg, good catch!! Idk what happened there, but ty! Here it is:

  23. Sadly that is probably not far off from what would happen at first.

  24. Oh I know!! But for some reason, her filming this is a different feeling… she was either knowing willingly that she can’t jump, or totally fine with EC pretending not to. Either version is sick

  25. She looks like her legs will break if she actually jumps.

  26. Does she even actually jump the entire time?

  27. I just posted the second one part 2 haha

  28. I am feeling this too. I just hope that if she did this, that she is made to answer for it. It would be cruel to make her fans worry for her safety this way! I hope she loses so many viewers over this if true. What pretty much made me lean toward her doing it is how she is supposedly so scared, but makes a freakin WEDDING VIDEO....marrying Jack. She didn't look upset to me at all!

  29. “that she is made to answer for it.”

  30. This is almost the foot position one is supposed to be in when fencing 🤺 lol. I’ve seen her do this before, still not sure why 🤷‍♀️

  31. IMO, it’s bc that’s how jack skeleton, her husband, poses.

  32. I HATE nearly all of her non-sneaker shoes. I think she has bad, bad taste in non-sneakers. So whatever the underlying reason, I Approve This Change.

  33. I actually liked a lot of her shoes… she just never knew how to pair them with an outfit. But, those shoes would look ridiculous on her now.

  34. How can she walk into the store with that outfit

  35. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she's out shopping

  36. Or in her house!! If they made a reality show where everyone participated (dad, bro, gma), then I would absolutely watch that lmao.

  37. They are an indie brand. I just went to their website and people can literally just sing up for affiliate that normal for most brands? Lol like just out there in the open they let anyone use and give out affiliate codes? They do say that it doesn't mean people get PR stuff...but I wonder if Eugenia is trying to make it seem like they gave it too her.

  38. Was yours stated like hers? Wouldn’t put it past her lmao

  39. I live locally to where the creator of this company is and have friends who work for them. I just personally messaged them and asked them to reconsider this partnership.

  40. Can’t believe she’s doubling done on this. If this is a lie, that’s a new low for her.

  41. Being exhausted and stuck is my permanent state of being. I just keep taking naps thinking it will get better.

  42. EDs are rampant in the entertainment industry. We could post endless other examples on here if we wanted to. Lara Flynn Boyle comes to mind. Unfortunately, public figures are extra ED-prone because they feel a lot of internal/external pressure to meet certain beauty standards.

  43. Yeah, I am learning this! It’s so easy to find too =/

  44. Someone commented about Jazmin Bean losing weight. I hate those pro ana accounts.

  45. Yeahhh, I kinda went down a rabbit hole on the edtwt lol and was blown away by how many (esp young women) were on there. I even searched for EC’s name on there and I remember reading a comment that said something like “ugh, she makes the rest of us look bad.” At first, my dumbass thought they meant her as an online influencer, being a 🤡. But they meant the rest of them who have eds…

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