1. Google is gonna be your best friend here. First you need to understand what the index and match functions are returning.

  2. Congrats. That’s an interesting field. How are your hours?

  3. Unpredictable and completely depends on deal volume. At the moment, deals are starting to slow down as interest rates rise.

  4. Being a public company doesn’t change how the company files tax returns. Assuming both entities are C corps, if the parent owns 80% or more of the sub, they file a single, consolidated return per IRC 1502. If the parent owns 40% of the sub, separate returns are filed.

  5. Thank you. On the triple taxation thing: if the sub pays dividend to the parent is it taxed? Will it be taxes again if the parent then gives its shareholders those dividends?

  6. If the parent owned more than 80% of the sub, no triple taxation, standard double taxation only. If the parent owned less than 80%, there is a small element of triple taxation (i.e., 35-50% of dividend income being taxed at the parent.

  7. you are right, I just added all contribution prior to 2020, and it reduced the tax I owe by a lot.

  8. The CARES Act is allowing you to avoid the 10% penalty, not tax. Your basis in your Roth IRA has already been taxed and the excess of your distribution over your basis is investment earnings which have yet to be taxed. Therefore, you will be paying tax on those earnings.

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