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  1. Cos it's easy to write a paragraph in english or get it translated to English using online tool but to get a english speaker that can narrate in good clear english is much harder and will cost $$$,

  2. Seriously… just shoot the fucking tires. The Russian military is notorious for using cheap tires from China.

  3. No need to shoot the tyres, just shoot into the air causing the Russian to drive away faster which will then cause the rim to shred the tyre apart.

  4. This idea had been around for more than 20years, didn't reply take off, only very limited application like the one in the picture. Forklift, cherry picker etc.

  5. This is like the X time I think the Russian are stealing someone else speech scripts satating Russian are the bad guy and reading it out loud without checking.

  6. cause? land mine? ejected from a exploding vehicle?

  7. Yeah, they are getting a little rare these days. Picked up a few of the bayonet mounts recently, so expensive for what they are...

  8. Where from? Not that in matter to me, I am out west ,sold all my blaster... sigh just in case our Lord mcclow have merxy on us and changes his mind.


  10. its actually south african of the Rhodesian brush stroke but made in US BDU style.

  11. how hard can it be right, i have done it lots of time on Battlefield game, and i watch a few youtube video on how to fly a blackhawk.,no problem, what's the worst that could happen? i wiill jump and land with my parachute. /s

  12. Quite popular in Asia when built in is not common, and for small family it makea more sense as it just big enough to do daily load without needing to wait a couple of day for a full load.

  13. Well, we can reduce birth rates and take action to reduce emissions from all sectors? Climate change is not from one single factor alone.

  14. But the root cause is human numbers.

  15. Putin might be working on one.

  16. What does speed (MPH) have to do with charging time? Or are they trying to say it takes five minutes for it to get up to 160mph?

  17. Came here to say the same. Mph has no connection with mins

  18. soon they will be required to be injected with anger suppressant like they do in mental institution.

  19. wtf? they stole your manifolds? or is this the more common cat converter theft?

  20. While Russia just very smart at losing hearts and bodies of their own.

  21. they have come a long way since the first gen plastic 5ver that part of the picture wash off in the washer.

  22. I noticed a small oil leak somewhere as well but haven’t been able to pinpoint it. It’s not significant though as I take this car on a 650km road trip every weekend

  23. I had a small leak near the water pump, from the head seal when I replaced the pump I just put some sealing silicon around the area and no more leak for the 100k+ . My issue was it was burning 1+litre of oil every other week.juzt got sick of topping up, otherwise would have been fine. But I like taking long drives so it wasn't ideal. Went to order a gen 5 and was told >18months wait, which might be up to 24.

  24. That’s brutal, I should monitor the loss to see how bad it is. If I get into the same situation I’d have to get rid of it.

  25. But 400k is a very good run, would be expecting a overhaul, complete strip and replace ring, seal, bearing etc. I should have done it at 200k I can't be bothered othwise I would not have sold it. :)

  26. Here in Australia, unleaded usually starts around 91 octance, regular then premium (95), now most place in city area will have 98. Ethanol mix is around 94octane.

  27. Probably a silly question, but if they were to manufacture gelblasters with the orange tip would they technically not "look" like military weapons?

  28. No go . Too hard basket for Wapol. Easier to ban like many other things allowed over east but not in WA. For KPI it's easier to do a total ban than educate, rising awareness Qld. the reason of community safety, but gel balsters are not dangerous, then come what if an officer were confronted with one and accidentally shoot the offender, oh well , you play with fire you get burn.

  29. Vicpol take the same stance. At least they allow adjustable stocks, and the appearance laws are slightly less terrible than NSW, but just about everything else goes into the too hard bin too.

  30. We had this resemblance law and no adjustable stock here also but two three year ago, the case went to SAT and Wapol lose, so adjustable is ok and the resemblance law is not as enforced. Still no folder stock and no carbine stock for handguns. (Or revolver carbine)

  31. this is result of the drone dropped mortar round?

  32. does this leak impact resellers of Optus services?

  33. Many on FB marketplaces or gumtree.

  34. You are right, They were second grade to with, now they have to buy their shit through the the likes of third world ex soviet bloc .

  35. That's what I meant about the state's energy structure.

  36. No one will tell the story of EV being not so green. Cos it's the latest cool trent like vaping.. plus lots of money to be made, from Li mining, producing country to battery manufacturers to car etc.. all money to polish the looks and sell the product. The Li battery also more dangerous in car accidents and impossible to dispose safety or environment friendly.

  37. They have a lot of cheaper ev options vs what available in USA and their price bracket. However those Chinese Ev cars' safety standards maybe a bit of a hit and miss.

  38. New bumblebee from transformer movie

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