1. I would love a bird one. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I dont hate any state. They are our fellow citizens. I cannot have blanket hate for any group.

  3. seriously? Is that all you can think about?

  4. This actually happened last midterms with hurricane Michael, it made landfall in mid-October 2018.

  5. DeSantis strikes me as a someone who would not extend that kind of help to Tampa.

  6. Cuba codifying gay marriage yesterday, has their full abortion rights and universal healthcare.

  7. it would require a constitutional amendment.

  8. I had similar experience when I was in college but a little more involved. Never been able to explain it.

  9. You are extremely handsome and well built.

  10. Yes you are extremely hot and beautifully toned.

  11. I don't know. I just know he's fucking cute and I'd love to get fucked by that 😅😅

  12. Be sure to explore outside NYC. There are many interesting quest lines Upstate.

  13. if anyone is concerned about polling get involved in a campaign at any level no matter how blue or or red your district or state is.

  14. Idk in Asia, no one’s freaking out over having to wear a mask in public

  15. I feel for these people but they should not expect everyone to social distance or mask on their behalf henceforth.


  17. That’s not a very representative poll.

  18. There is still much uncertainty. A major hurricane at landfall cannot be ruled out.

  19. Skyy knox. Hes so hot and jacked. I could feel those muscles all day.

  20. No they cannot. Free movement between states is a right of all citizens.

  21. Get involved on a state legislative campaign in your area no matter how blue or red the district is.

  22. Bridget Fleming (NY-1) Robert Zimmerman (NY-3)

  23. Perhaps they will come back at some point. Officer Jake Morris is one of the most handsome officers they ever followed on the show.

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