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  1. Monkeypox "wasn't" a disease that spread widely except for some African countries where it is endemic....but you're point is well made, up til now it hasn't spread seasonally, and hopeuflly that isn't another change.

  2. The reason it has spread widely outside of Africa is because it spread into a community that just happened to be doing one of the few things that propagates it human-> human, and they were doing it frequently enough and with enough different people that it sustained spread in that community.

  3. According to research monkeypox has changed, in the past 3-4 years it has undergone something of a "hyper" evolution. While it normally undergoes only one or two mutations a year, over the past 3-4 years there have been about 50 mutations....and now it's believed that just one or two more mutations could render current vaccines and treatments useless.

  4. For all those mutations, has there been anything that changes the actual contagion of the virus?

  5. This. I saw someone at the IMHE say they now estimate 4-5% of cases are reported. This is substantially fewer than back in January or April.

  6. Where is that being shown in the wastewater data? For example, Boston shows extremely low levels compared to the January surge.

  7. The gay community is getting vaccinated in enough numbers to cause huge drops in caseloads. Don’t pin this on us. If it becomes endemic it will be due to people who won’t get vaccinated, just like covid.

  8. Do you know if the vaccines are effective enough and widespread enough to get the R0 for mpox below 1?

  9. FYI, California law now requires all "volunteers" who work with children in sports or other areas >16 hours a month or >32 hours a year to get a "live scan" background check, which includes the Church (and the Church is doing it as required).

  10. Background checks are a red herring when talking about the AP case and the abuse hotline. They wouldn't have solved anything.

  11. I agree. But I still see people insisting that background checks are something the Church should be doing as a matter of course, so this will at least show the effect that background checks have.

  12. "A" for effort, but the problem is that the numbers are so small you can't actually get anything meaningful from most the data. I mean, two cases in the state of Wyoming doesn't tell us anything.

  13. Sometimes they have it, sometimes they don't. I guess is depends who you ask.

  14. You never did provide the source for the Richards interview. Do you know where it's from, and if it was ever published by the Church?

  15. Sorry, I didn’t know you eanted it. It is an audio recording with a transcript.

  16. Thanks. So, where was the comment about the seer stone originally published?

  17. The key is to work hard at the right thing. Not digging ditches or pushing a broom.

  18. We know the Bennett timeline doesn't match the type of spiritual wifery that Joseph Smith was practicing later. We know Fanny Alger didn't get the same treatment that wives would get at the end of things. It was likely an involving process. I don't think Joseph Smith suddenly started having sex with a lot of women right at the end. That wouldn't match what we know about him up until then. He instead picked up the pace, almost like he learned how to get away with it, like maybe he had learned how to do abortions, and so could manage a lot more partners.

  19. Right. But at this point we've totally departed the evidence and are just making things up.

  20. All we have is: We know he had lots of wives, We know he was caught being intimate with Fanny Alger, showing that at least one case involved sex. Contemporary sources accuse him of multiple sexual relationships. We know he had no children We know he was accused of having babies aborted by several contemporary sources (naked Mormonism covers several)

  21. The worst to me is when "Blacks" is prefaced with "the." Any time a group is prefaced with "the," it makes them sound like some big, frightening "other.

  22. What are you talking about? Jews refer to themselves as "the Jews" all the time. Just look at how many books on Amazon are titled "History of the Jews" or otherwise use "the Jews" in their title and written by Jewish (and presumably not anti-Semitic) authors...

  23. Sorry, but that really isn't a thing. Black people refer to themselves as "blacks" or "Blacks" all the time, and appear to be quite accepting when non-Black people also refer to them as "black", "Black", "blacks" or "Blacks".

  24. The fact that you can find only two obscure references to the rock in the hat means of “translation” actually proves the point that most people are making here, Cinepro. Take a deep breath and admit that before 2013ish it was simply not taught. You would not have tens of thousands of Exmos who feel that they were lied to if it had been the dominant narrative.

  25. Just so I'm clear, if the Ensign had published RMN saying something terrible in July of 1993, would exMos be arguing that we should ignore it because it's "obscure" and no one read it and it wasn't commonly taught in official Church curriculum, or would they (you?) be making memes of it and publishing them all over the internet on sites like ""?

  26. No one is saying to ignore the two obscure items you found. IMO, they were probably trial balloons to see how members might accept it. But if the magic rock in the hat had been widely taught, you would have hundreds of places you could point to. The fact that Russell Nelson knew about the magic rock and didn’t mention it more, like say at General Conference, is a demonstration of his lying ways.

  27. It's great that we agree that it was taught at least twice in official Church publications in the pre-internet era. That was my point.

  28. My stance is that you deserved it as much as the kid that was named "bacardi mcdrunkerson III" by their parents. If you stayed in as a functional, adult human with an adult brain, then you absolutely deserve it after that point.

  29. Kids with unusual names don't deserve to be bullied or made fun of, so I'm not sure what your point is. Can you expand on that?

  30. I'm as "measured" about the pandemic as just about anyone, and even I think it might have been overstating to say it's "over". There's a better way to word it.

  31. We're still averaging 500 deaths and 60k~ new cases a day in the US.

  32. Honestly, I'm really skeptical about this number. If you look at ICU usage and ventilator usage, it's obviously not people getting covid and going into the hospital with respiratory problems, getting put on a ventilator, and dying. I know the whole "from covid/ with covid" thing is almost cliche at this point, but it is a valid distinction. How, exactly, is the "died with covid" number being calculated?

  33. Of course, Bednar was born and raised in the SF bay area, which doesn't exactly argue that having a more geographically diverse leadership means much.

  34. If you look at the Church population distribution from 60+ years ago, it's pretty obvious that most the older leaders are going to be from Idaho and Utah.


  36. No. The little mermaid is my favourite Disney princess. She always wanted to live on land, it was how she always wanted her life. When she does make the decision it’s not because of a stranger, it’s because her father found her cove filled with human things and destroyed everything. She was distraught and angry at her father and so she swam away. Ursula (love her, poor unfortunate souls is my favorite Disney song by far) then took advantage of her while she was in her distraught state and offered her something she has ALWAYS WANTED. She wanted to become human way before prince Eric got involved.

  37. I skipped the live action version when I found out it didn't have that song.

  38. Source of linked graphic says

  39. Can you actually find it on the site? It looks like the creator of the graph just put the address on to direct people to the site.

  40. Ironically, going it alone for a few weeks is probably the most effective thing you can do to not get monkeypox.

  41. Haven't there been several already? Or is this the first in which mpx was solely attributed to?

  42. How do we know this when there could be thousands of undiagonsed or asymptomatic cases we aren't testing?

  43. If someone tries to worry you about "undiagnosed or asymptomatic" cases but doesn't also acknowledge the risk of overtesting and false-positives, they're trying to scare you.

  44. I guess they don't want us to know that there is gay sex going on in Mormon country.

  45. Not a lot of info. I predict it was a teacher or administrator who caught it somewhere else, and no one at the school will have caught it from them.

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