1. I ordered a script of my own so I could absolutely destroy mine. That might not be an option for many reasons, but I highly recommend it.

  2. I’ve been trying to find a new/additional copy, but i can’t find one anywhere. Where have you found yours?

  3. I'm just going to go ahead and let Kelli O'Hara show you how a girl plays Billy Flynn.

  4. YES I SAW THIS- im taking a lot of inspiration from her for the audition/callback

  5. Practice practice practice, is the main thing. Part of what makes chicago’s choreo so entracing is the rigidity of the movements, so practice being able to move certain parts of your body without moving others. Also, a note on the sexual tones: a lot of chicago is a tease; almost every song except for razzle dazzle which is supposed to be a literal orgy on stage isnt that overt. All of it is planned, down to the fingertip. So anything that is not planned should not be presented. That being said, easier said than done. Velma has 4 pretty big dance numbers, but most of it is faking confidence until you actually have it. If you want a pretty classic fosse number to study, id recommend big spender. But to close, dance comes from the character, velma is a fierce, calculating woman who will do anything it takes to get back on top. Show that, and youll do great.

  6. thank you so much, this is incredibly helpful!!

  7. long story short, my theatre is holding auditions for chicago (school edition) in about a month.

  8. I'd been in a similar situation, but I'm not too familiar with newsies. Something I sometimes think about might be one, don't worry about past productions, because they're not all in the same universe, every production is it's own universe like the spiderverse, but for broadway. So for your character, stick to the script and your director's vision.

  9. thank you so much, this was extremely helpful!!

  10. The main reason I’m worried about playing this character, is because many people (myself included) find that Medda being black was important to her character. And her connection to the newsies was due to being empathetic towards being an outsider.

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