1. tbf the energy started to shift when he started beefing with fans on twitter over nothing, and then him acting just as childish as ye

  2. I think what really fueled the flame is most people having this wholesome image of Cudi that got shattered when he acted really petty. Obviously those people haven't witnessed how he acted during the SB2H release lol

  3. Not the weirdest shit I've seen here

  4. Wasn’t there some weirdo who wanted something that smelled like female sweat a few days ago?

  5. GTFO with your need to squeeze American politics into everything, lean is from sweden. Only you weirdos try to force everyone into a corner politically no matter if it’s actually relevant.

  6. I’m just saying this album isn’t good it’s ok at best solid 4-5. This Reddit reminds me of me when Jesus is King came out and trying convince myself it’s a good album. In a month no one will be listening to this album

  7. If I had to choose I wouldn’t have put season one on there but…. It’s unbelievable that people actually give a shit at all.

  8. Well people care for his releases and they’re gonna voice the opinion. Unbelievable you give a shit that they give a shit.

  9. This is the tattoo you get in tony hawk American wasteland to get into the black widow gang

  10. I listened to it on vpn. Not my favorite work of his (it’ll grown on me) but it is such an interesting listen

  11. „I am slowly but surely losing hope“ is soo dope and different I dig it

  12. How long is the album? I’m planning on listening to Freddie Gibbs and Denzel tonight too

  13. Don’t forget Bladee, he’s been dropping some real creative shit lately and has a new album coming tonight

  14. i love it so much i was expecting something picsarty like drainstory but this is so cool the artistic vision is crazy

  15. Yeah there was a cover before that looked like that and was leaked long before it was announced so I though it had to be the cover for sure. I guess he’s been working for a long time on this album.

  16. It looks like any corny power metal album cover but without the text 😭 Just google “power metal album cover”

  17. It’s the same with WLR and old punk covers, yet it’s one of the most iconic hiphop covers of the last 10 years

  18. Don’t google I just experienced the fingerbox equivalent of a rickroll

  19. People buying expensive cologne buy expensive cologne because it's what they like and they can afford it. It has nothing to do with wanting people to think higher of you. At the most, smelling good makes them feel good and compliments from others is just an added bonus to help boost your happy mood even more.

  20. Lol where have I said people shouldn't be allowed to spend money how they see fit? I own some expensive ones too. I just think having a rack of fragrances purchased based on "most complimented fragrance" videos is really sad and sadly there are tons of those people over here.

  21. Well, like in my response that you clearly didn't fully read, it's a direct response to you saying they buy them think people will think higher of them. People don't buy them so others think higher of them, they do it because it makes them feel good, they can afford it, and it's what they like.

  22. Not even gonna argue, you know what types of people I meant and they’re everywhere.

  23. lol poor is spending thousands on fragrances thinking it will improve your life or image. go out and actually do something, get a hobby or something lmao. clown

  24. There aren’t any LV stores around here and they’re only sold there

  25. Actually would kinda go hard as like decorative acoustic wall treatment at a studio. Kind of stupid but that’s something that it could be used for.

  26. It’s a tv series album. It makes sense that it says season 1. You should all be hopeful for more seasons and albums. Stop complaining.

  27. „Stop complaining“ lol it’s the internet my dude everyone can complain about anything

  28. It’s just so bland and uninteresting. It feels like they thought „many color = many interesting“ but no I wish they would’ve done something actually cool with perspective and composition. I hope the music won’t be equally soulless.

  29. In no way do I have the right to tell you what to spend you money on but keep in mind that clothes and cool hobbies might be a better investment at this point.

  30. Lol what’s wrong with y’all, music is subjective

  31. Ghost in a shell is one of the most interesting scents I’ve tried so far. For me it’s intensely fizzy and slightly sour like a freshly opened bottle of sparkling water. It’s so unique and refreshing.

  32. I love some of them, some others smell really similar to one another.

  33. I doubt it considering Cudi hasnt addressed this and is still calling it a series.

  34. Idk maybe it’s a mini series that drops all at once like some documentaries are. Maybe it’s also one movie like special that is cut into chapters too.

  35. Halloween Man X, thought it was like a nice creamy coffee, instead all I got was black stale coffee that’s been sitting for hours on your desk. Even the backbone isn’t anything to write home about, pretty boring and absolutely does not mix well with the coffee note imo.

  36. Dior Sauvage Edt - I don't like the peppery powdery scent anymore. Probably would get the parfum if I was doing it again.

  37. I had the Parfum and gave it away again. It’s so lifeless imo

  38. I mean that’s ridiculous, but at least he posted something that kinda entertained me instead of the same shit over and over.

  39. Fuck crest and fuck all the garbage albums bladee has been dropping since 333

  40. When will some people realize that music is subjective, i love his recent stuff more than his older projects and I’m a fan since almost day one. You can’t make everyone happy. That would water it down and make it boring af.

  41. That is because Fantano is enjoying the more main stream sounds of crest since he cannot handle anything unique at this ripe divorced age of like 50 or something

  42. His opinions must’ve really struck a nerve with you

  43. You just know though that there’s an alternate timeline somewhere where the most fucking bonkers press conference of all time happens, with OJ showing up with the real killer in handcuffs and it turns out he was innocent all along.

  44. That sounds like the subplot of a naked gun movie

  45. Agree didn’t check the price. I just smelled it once and really liked it. Edited my comment, thanks.

  46. As a freshman, the YouTube fragrances ain’t a bad thing. Youtubers usually just select mass appealing designers, exactly what he should get as a freshman. Getting a fragrance that’s $100+ for a birthday gift to wear in high school is idiotic

  47. Someone’s mad that I didn’t make the same 5 recommendations everyone else does. And no don’t listen to YouTubers over your own nose. THATS idiotic. Most have zero integrity.

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