1. Not sure it qualifies as a thriller, but Daniel Polansky's Low Town trilogy is a fantasy noir/detective type thing that might be up your alley.

  2. Nah, someone just needs to build a new "melee" from the ground up without using any of the original code with all new characters and animations that are frame data clones of melee fighters. I've seen so many blatant rip offs of games get away with it so there isn't any reason this couldn't feasibly be done.

  3. That's the direction Icons was going and people hated it.

  4. I mean, Vin beat both Rashek and Marsh so interesting she’s not on this list. But I suppose she beat them while being a pseudo-vessel so that disqualified her?

  5. Yeah, pseudo-vessel probably counts against her there. She beat both of them with Preservation's power, not her own.

  6. A TLC drive is not inherently better. The Solidigm drive is significantly faster than that Teamgroup drive.

  7. Is it worth returning a 13600K for this for about $25 savings? I understand that the difference is just the iGPU, but how useful has that been for you all?

  8. I'm not sure it's worth the hassle for $25 in savings if you already have the 13600K.

  9. I have an XFX Qick, albeit 6700XT, and they did really good with that cooler. Seen a lot of positive comments about it and my experience has been good.

  10. Anyone shop from Ali Express? What have been your experiences?

  11. Not lately or for PC parts. But it's basically Chinese ebay. You're at the mercy of the quality of the seller.

  12. The creator course and low poly character and landscape courses all seem geared toward beginners. What's the best way to approach them? I'm guessing start with the complete creator course.

  13. Question: Is this course keep forever? Because it says it's only valid until november 2024

  14. The activation link is only valid until 2024. The courses are yours forever once you activate them.

  15. I know some people complain about the covers of these books, but this bothers me WAY more.

  16. Evo had such a weird dichotomy. It was treated as arguably the biggest event of the year for the winner, but in terms of pretty much everything else it took a back seat.

  17. i don’t think i’d be able to discern (at least) 23 horn sounds and associate each of them to a plain. u would need like perfect pitch or something

  18. You could pretty easily have different notes distinguish different things. Like counting, a 10s place (say, a B note) and a 1s place (an F, distant from B on the scale). So B-B-F-F-F would mean "23."

  19. I know for a fact HPD have been trying to get the city to close the Epworth Dr. intersection because they're tired of working fatal accidents there.

  20. Should be right turn only both ways, at minimum. For lefts you can go to Sparkman exit or Moores Mill, depending on the direction. Out of the way, but safer and I wouldn't be surprised if it's faster sometimes. Would be way too big of a project to redevelop the intersection to make it work.

  21. Barnes & Noble and Amazon both have the hardcover listed at 528 pages.

  22. Just don't read Mistborn or Stormlight books out of order and you're fine. The connections between separate series/worlds aren't significant enough yet for your first reading order to matter. He intentionally keeps things pretty separated. It's basically just easter eggs and tidbits for deeper theory crafting that you might pick up on re-reads.

  23. A Kindle isn't locked to Amazon's ecosystem, but Amazon's ecosystem is locked to Kindle. (But there are ways around that.)

  24. Mistborn Era 2 is a long while after the first, so when they talk about Vin or Kelsier it's intentionally a bit off. I've heard it argued before too wait to read Era 2 until you don't remember Era 1 well so you get the right experience.

  25. The recommendation to put something between era 1 and 2 is generally more to let era 1 settle in a bit and allow for expectations to reset. Not so much "so you don't remember it well." People who go in with the expectation that era 2 is going to be like "more era 1" are the ones who come away from it disappointed, and have resulted in era 2 getting a reputation for being weaker Sanderson works. Which I think is unfair, they are my favorite of his books that I've read.

  26. First prints for backers and first wave preorders (which ended a while ago) are supposed to start shipping around the end of the month. That was as of last month, I haven't seen an update since then.

  27. backers? Did they do a kickstarter or something without announcement?

  28. IndieGoGo and not Kickstarter, but yeah. It was on the various subs and IIRC Brandon had a Youtube video on it. Over 4500 backers/$400k.

  29. There were apparently some deals that weren't listed. I got a notification for Curse is the Mistwraith at like 2:30am for 99 cents and was prepared to buy this morning, but it already expired.

  30. Secret History is easier to follow after Era 1. People say it spoils a reveal in Bands of Mourning, but that reveal was blatantly hinted at even in Shadows of Self. I followed all the suggestions to wait and read it after BoM, but wish I'd just read it after Era 1.

  31. I read SH after era 2 and i had no clue, how does it get hinted at in SoS?

  32. I don't recall the exact line, but digging up a comment I made on Discord while reading SoS:

  33. Ebook versions are supposed to be available shortly after the Kickstarter backers receive them. IIRC something like a couple weeks later.

  34. Last I saw (about a month ago) books for IGG backers and some earlier preorders should start shipping around the end of this month.

  35. I'd have probably picked up a standalone copy if it matched the format of the other standalone hardcover novellas, just for the sake of collection. But otherwise, nah, I already have it in Arcanum Unbounded. Disappointing decision by the publisher.

  36. Couldn't do the year of Sanderson, but this is one of the few things I'd probably be interested in picking up one of the extras of if they ever get put on the store.

  37. Mass market paperbacks aren't intended to be durable, they are made to be as cheap as possible. This is probably especially noticeable in such behemoths like SA.

  38. Them openly talking about using Limewire on the air was kind of surreal. Got some laughs out of it.

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