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  1. Im in Europe. I think i open my first nexo account in 2018 or 2020 i dont know exactly. But few days ago i invest all my money here and put it in fixed.

  2. That's not investing, that's gambling.

  3. For anyone curious assume a price of $1,200 for 1 ETH and you stake the max amount of .25 ETH you will net an entire ~$1.15 worth of ETH

  4. On the fees for... staking? You know you can buy crypto elsewhere and transfer it to CDC, right?

  5. for transferring eth into cdc or out of cdc. anyone with a half decent sum of eth would NOT be keeping it on CDC, so would need to move it into cdc to get this 10%.

  6. Fixed it, it was because of tasker on my phone. Launching Netflix etc temporarily turns off Bluetooth which stops my WiFi hotspot which crashes the Tesla Netflix app.

  7. Well you do unless you're going to use your own Wi-Fi. So basically you turned on Wi-Fi again by using your phone.

  8. I introduced a delay in the WiFi hotspot turning off when Tesla Bluetooth disconnected. Tesla reconnects a second later to Bluetooth and WiFi remains uninterrupted

  9. For me, it ended up being a bixby routine on my samsung phone. I had it set to turn off my mobile hotspot whenever the Bluetooth disconnected from the car. For whatever reason, opening YouTube or Netflix temporarily disconnects Bluetooth, which turned off the mobile hotspot.

  10. I figured out the same literally 5 mins after posting! For me it was tasker. Same reasons as you

  11. one trick pony - basically the card and a coupled shitcoin with no other utility - and even this they're struggling with (getting cards out, ongoing top up issues, no way to sell plut in UK).

  12. Which is funny given I've been waiting for my card since may. Just trying to balance out the blind ridiculousness that I see on this sub from immature gamblers.

  13. Check this tweet, ETH POS has major problems 😉

  14. Err that's not major. That's a new POS network stabilising and fully functional already. I'd do this a billion times rather than try to go back in the evolution of things and mine a shitcoin that has no USP and is based on an outdated and unpopular concept

  15. So, my suggestion would be open a Junior ISA with Fidelity, as they do not apply any charges when investing in OEICs/funds on their junior products.

  16. yep, the 183k people subscribed to the sub are terrified about this community of 4.3k people.

  17. current CDC user here, i signed up for plut back in may. i still don't have a card. I'm under no impression plut is a long term solution - i'll milk it for it's free perk but i know it's not a sustainable platform. This subreddit is practically dead with 4.3k subscribers that hasn't really changed much, and every second post is a cringey meme posted by some bitter ex-cdc customer - and the posts that sing it only praises are typically those excited for the freebies and aren't thinking sustainability - i.e. immature 'investors'.

  18. Has this been massively re-engineered since i tried it start of the year? My experience back then was shockingly bad - unrecognised transactions (which were obvious), wrong results, missing transactions - just a complete disaster.

  19. don't forget you have to ALSO pay a subscription fee (at least 4.99/mo) otherwise your rewards will be capped to £250 spend a month.

  20. Goats don't earn any interest on $20k staked. Most better off sticking $20k into nexo for 10-12% which will actually last.

  21. Nexo! Not your keys, not your crypto. The 12% should give it away...

  22. Id rather have funds in nexo that aren't under my keys than funds in a shitcoin like plut even if it were my keys.

  23. At this rate the next biweekly support thread will be created before any of the 3 questions in the last 20 hours are replied to

  24. Thread and replies were posted on Monday.

  25. Are you seeing this on iOS? On android it's just saying card inactive. I have a card tab which takes me to activate or report lost/stolen. Ordered may 1st but haven't received a card.

  26. Dont forget you'll need a subscription on top of your stake to avoid being capped at £250 a month of spend for cashback. Unless you're doing it purely for perks or you actually (lol) believe in plu as a long term investment

  27. Honestly right now with market as it is I only see short term (capitalise, get out before your investment crashes - eg plut), and long term (eth, btc).

  28. Just as a heads up, if you do have the capital (£3600) you're better off sticking it into a notice account like zopa. Even using plain savings on zopa at 1.81% for £3600 you'll make the same amount as drip feeding a "high yield" regular saver.

  29. Got it twice, both times took months and months

  30. And have a lor of certifications And have a financial entity -credissimo. Its like a bank, but smaller

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