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  1. What does the internet have to do with landing on the moon? The “logic” in this sub is wild sometimes

  2. “I don’t understand it, therefore it’s fake/evil” is pretty common round these parts

  3. Thank you so much! She's just 6. Loves to build and make little gardens, but gets so heart broken over the darn creepers.

  4. Agreed, it's suppose to be fun, not upsetting. Definitely changing a setting to be more chill.

  5. Peaceful means no hostile enemies will spawn - no zombies, creepers, skeletons, anything that attacks the player.

  6. From the same people who brought you the ghost of Kiev 😂

  7. Kinda disturbing that the first word on their little cute onesies is “fearfully” but hey, what’s religion without the fear?


  9. Also - why do you think it's related to the vaccine rather than a large number of well-fed middle class officeworkers trading the tiny bit of physical exercise from walking to the car and getting to the office for sitting/laying 24 hours a day for a year?

  10. I think you mean to ask someone else? I don’t believe that the vaccine is to blame.

  11. Yeah, that’s not a surprise at all. It was, as you can see, a guess.

  12. I’m finding it absurd that you’re old enough and presumably mentally competent enough to get a job at target and you don’t know what “dirt” is

  13. You'd be surprised some engines will take the abuse and keep right on trucking

  14. Harder than you'd think. Building soemthing to watch a video and pickup codes at any frame in any font , background etc. Way easier said than done

  15. Computers can read text from an image very quickly and very reliably. It’s called OCR - optical character recognition - and it’s very good these days.

  16. I’ve done this (professionally) w some of the best commercially available APIs (AKA easiest route) and yes, as technically correct as you are, it is not as easy as you make it sound.

  17. I mean, shit, depending on the timeline, a human could have just done it frame by frame. We don’t know how long it was between whenever the video was submitted and when the cards were claimed. It could have been hours or more, which means it’s trivial for either a human or software to do it.

  18. Yes they work good on metal. Scrub the wheel with a wheel and tire cleaner, then rub it down with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. It's easiest to take the wheels off to spray them, but if you can't do that then make sure to put a trash bag around the brakes.

  19. Do you just go right over the tire weights or do you strip the weights, spray, and get them rebalanced?

  20. The answer is “soon enough that you should be terrified and let fear rule your life, but not so soon that you’re going to see anything yet that confirms it.”

  21. I have a question. It’s a little meta and has a couple layers. Bear with me.

  22. Wait which Christian’s drink human blood??

  23. Observant Catholics, literally; and Protestants symbolically

  24. There is no way someone like her became a billionaire from one TV show. Not without a lot of shady stuff going on behind the scenes.

  25. Don’t know why you’re downvoted, because you’re right.

  26. Obama is from Chicago, so “but Chicago” became the default response because it’s a dig against Obama. And then they just… didn’t change their little propaganda phrases.

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