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  1. Floors don't match the cabinet, countertops or paint colors you picked. They are going to clash heavily and make your place look cheap.

  2. What is on the wall we cant see?

  3. Blizzard likes to take their time making games. Microsoft’s diversified revenue would do well to support their type of game development.

  4. New blizzard does not. The blizzard you are referencing no longer exists

  5. Then why is Diablo IV still being developed after 8 years.

  6. Once Diablo 4 is released we will see if they took a long time to deliver a quality product or just took a long time due to poor management

  7. I'd strongly encourage you to first analyze why you have so many record types, and if they are truly needed. Salesforce has advanced a lot in the last few years. I am finding less and less reasons to use record types.

  8. I totally agree with this comment. I would recommend you analyze the need to have so many record types. I would recommend to look into dynamic forms for your use case. You can easily show and hide fields depending on the value entered in other fields. Dynamic forms are not currently available for the Accounts object but I think they are rolling it out this winter for Accounts and a few other standard objects

  9. Dynamic forms isa available for Accounts and Contacts now.

  10. Sounds like you want a dependent picklist not a formula.

  11. Market is saturated with low experience Salesforce folks which makes it very difficult for them.

  12. How do you like that couch? I've been eyeing it. I have pets.

  13. Fuck McDonald's and these anti competitive contracts. In the end, consumers are harmed by deals like this. Why the city would sign something like this is beyond me

  14. It wasn't advertised to me. I found out about it on a random tiktok. I really enjoyed it!

  15. Sony really is milking that franchise dry instead of actually releasing the games PS and PC users want

  16. Like Sony released an amazing horizon sequel this year, and just release god of war ragnarok. They seem to be releasing what gamers want????

  17. Refund and move on with your life. Its $10 and not worth the drama. Just dont invite them to anything in the future.

  18. The software is fine, it's the loss of hardware buttons along with the display that most of us hate.

  19. This is a much larger question:

  20. While a lot of this is true, it doesn't erase the fact that the basic cost of living is increasing rapidly s d wages are not following.

  21. If I was you I'd rearrange all the furniture in my apartment every Sunday night at 2am.

  22. Depends how many lay offs. Twitter has not filled a WARN Act, so they may face some hefty fines

  23. Fines are likely less than they payouts

  24. Of course everyone in this sub is ready with their pitchforks but...this really isn't bad lol.

  25. The colors are beautiful but keep the walls neutral and decorate with those colors. They will add a nice pop to the room without being suffocated.

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