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  1. Just the trend yeah… think Japanese people pick up the trends faster. Most brands are putting out wide cut jeans / overpants / BDU as staples but I went back to the U.K. and everyone was still wearing skinnies…

  2. I know exactly what you mean by that and i expect to be assaulted by views of people who are a few kilos too heavy to be wearing them as soon as i get to UK

  3. Im due back in the UK next month for the first time in 3 years. I bet thats gonna be a major shock. I’ll probably stick out like a sore thumb. Dont have a single fitted item left

  4. Where you going? Singapore airlines just released a load of cheap (ish) tickets. But to Europe the travel time is insane.

  5. Yeah. I booked one for oct. 135k yen. Not bad, cheaper than emirates but man im flying for 24 hours each way to Europe… Used to get a direct flight two ways for that price.

  6. It’s so hard bc my husband thinks I’m making things all about me and I’m not flexible. But me living here is flexible. I don’t know anyone who would want to live that way. He also thinks me leaving last night was an awful thing to do and he wants therapy. He said he would never leave.

  7. I dont think you are being inflexible. Hygiene is just black and white. Its not inflexible asking someone to wash their hands after they take a shit or before preparing food is it? Neither is wanting a clean home. Dogs make achieving that a exponential more amount of work. Its why many dont get them because they understand that and cant be bothered. Explain that to him. Its not any more inflexible than washing hands and basic hygiene. Now if his dog has separation anxiety and cant stay mostly outside and a limited area inside? Thats making the easy solution hard. He gave it separation anxiety by the way he trained and raised it obvious not with any mind for hygiene. So now he has even more work to achieve it by having to allow it inside.

  8. You just described my bf whom I ended up completely resenting because he constantly chooses his dog over me. Just earlier she pissed on the carpet and after I punished her, he went over to her and coddled her calling her his princess and telling her he loves her over and over. Disgustingly depressing. You’re absolutely right about dog nutters getting dogs as a form of emotional support shortcut. Hope you don’t mind quoting your comment once I finally find a new home and dump him 🤘🏻

  9. Bank of England probably just needs to halt selling gilts. However the larger issue is just USD appreciation against everything globally. It’ll take something like a new Plaza Accord to remedy it.

  10. No. Japan has deflationary pressures other countries couldnt even compare to. It has taken a global pandemic, supply chain crunch, and double digit inflation across the globe and severe currency devaluation on the Yen just for Japanese CPI to increase to 2% range which is the normal target. Bear in mind Japan did plenty of QE in this time and has kept interest rates at rock bottom.

  11. One of them decided to bite my eyelid last month and make it all swollen and stupid looking for a few days

  12. Lol i got bit in the middle of my lip last week. Swelled up to insanity was quite funny.

  13. I sleep separate even tho we have no kids. I made it a condition of moving in together. We both work from home and i like some privacy and alone time. I can only imagine how suffocating it would be to sleep in the same room. Sometimes i like to watch movie on laptop before sleep. Eat, whatever. Plus my wife has to wake up early to walk her dog. I sleep well this way and get privacy.

  14. READMEs are to describe what the program does and how to use it. There should be zero emotion or opinions in it. It is a technical document.

  15. Found this out today which is why i made thread. Some things aren’t obvious however im glad I figured it out sooner than later.

  16. I guess it isn't wrong having it in the readme, but it is uncommon.

  17. Sounds like i will just include a different text file for it. Good idea. Thanks

  18. A little sour. Booked a horribe and expensive flight home as i could not put off visiting family any more. I know flight prices will fall to Japan now as airlines increases flights and routes. Waited all year to book it and a week later they do this.

  19. When you’re leaving, you’ll be asked to fill out a card. That’s pretty much it, as you will only be gone a month. Don’t worry about missing it, you’d have to go to great lengths to intentionally miss it

  20. Ok thanks. As long as its hard to miss it i’ll be looking out anyway.

  21. When you get at immigration, you take one of those yellow papers and fill in the departure card, check the box that says 'I'll come back within a year" and hand it over along your zairyu card and passport. They'll attach an arrival card inside of your passport.

  22. When I was in Japan I was absolutely shocked and grossed out when I realized that there was no hand wash/no soap in the bathrooms aboard the Shinkansen bullet train...Like WTAF!, That's beyond disgusting. Nasty and unhygienic as hell. Do the Japanese like it that way?, Do they not give a shit(no pun). But how is it acceptable to have no hand soap aboard a train??.. It's unacceptable. Made feel sick tbh.

  23. I know its common and a good excuse also for why people dont wash properly but i have never understood why there is no soap. Some people have suggested it is simple as lack of demand.

  24. You might sanitize your hands but if you don't use soap to actually wash it off you still got poopy hands

  25. Thts the way i see it. Someone could sanitize some shit somehow but i still dont want to touch it

  26. This is what you deserve for milking a game for half of an entire franchise existence. It’d be one thing if say half life 3 was leaked when valve aren’t exactly milking half life 2 anymore.

  27. You sound like the type of gamer that goes negative but yells at his teammates.

  28. I dont even play video games anymore. Havent for about 6 years

  29. Enjoying the general peace and security without feeling compelled to be a conformist.

  30. This is true but i think living here long term is very isolating as a westerner. Hard to keep friends as most other westerners leave after not long, and there really is no point trying to get close to Japanese for many reasons(not just cultural barrier). I think it will be what makes me leave eventually.

  31. I was speaking for myself. There is no point for me. I find it hard to fit in culturally because maybe im the walking direct opinionated individualist westerner stereotype. Plenty of people find it easier than me to adjust and I have some friends who are more indirect and prefer things here. For those people it’s probably more worth the effort.

  32. should I have just replied with "Fuck off ya dumb pom!"?

  33. Hahaha that’s typical northerner reply, not my style personally

  34. Used to hear pom all the time but stopped hearing it a few years ago, my mate from Manchester loves to say it still tho

  35. The learning curve is long and very steep imo. I have to compare it to when i learned a real language which was Japanese. That shit was complete mindfuck for the first 6 months it barely made any sense when i was self teaching it. When i went to a school in Japan, it finally started clicking somewhat but it still tripped me up constantly, felt very unintuitive like i was having to adapt to a framework and way of thinning that doesn’t make sense drawing from what i already knew and viewed things in life. After about 1.5years at the school i was over that hurdle/learning curve and capable of continuing to learn alone.

  36. N3. Not just test passing but actually speaking that level. About 1.5 years from nothing at a school. I do not understand everything, but i can understand 50% of difficult conversations and use context to help and then just ask them again if i have to. Simpler things I understand basically everything.

  37. 21C are probably going to take triple if not more energy as 27C.

  38. Plus if his office is upstairs and their home faces west it could be more like 4x the energy.

  39. 21 c is needlessly cool. You probably feel like you need it because you don’t let yourself adapt. How big is the office? I it upstairs in a heat trap? West facing? If all of this is so it has to work extremely hard to cool to 21.

  40. Web development. I like it. Many programmers hate it. Software development suits Ti and i think web dev suits Ti-Se-Ni. Why? Because its a clusterfuck. However ISTPs are generally good at mapping out dependencies and discrepancies in such systems even if nobody else can learn from them. I find it satisfying making shit work despite the clusterfuck web development can be, and i think many J types would find it much too chaotic and irritating.

  41. That’s really fascinating isn’t it? Increasing money supply and keeping interest rates low should in theory increase inflation. Just doesn’t work in Japan.

  42. They could sell their US treasuries and buy yen. Japn is the largest foreign holder of them in the world. This is likely what they will do. However they are also likely just tying to wait it out for 6 months to see if things improve the US. It’ll upset the US a lot to dump the treasuries and also will lower Japans foreign reserves considerably which isnt ideal. It would work though but its more of a last resort if the yen hit 180 per USD or US inflation had no end in sight.

  43. I had an ice cream sandwich a few months ago. It was disgusting. The brand was with some gnome looking old man on it. I’ve had great ones before but eating that has scared me from tying any more in Japan

  44. myprotein has frequent sales. Just last week I got a ping for 60% off.if you follow them on LINE you'll get notifications and coupons

  45. I’ve been using them over 10 years and i hate their bullshit sales tactic. These “sales” are constant and every month there is a large percent off which generally everyone uses.

  46. I have some stuck in customs right now because I ordered too much while it was on sale. I'm supposed to send them the invoices and explain why it came in two shipments. (It was on sale so I ordered more, OBVIOUSLY.)

  47. ドウユウエベンウリフトブロでしょうか?

  48. Whoa. I lived in a small apartment with LP gas, only for showers/kitchen tap water and never spent over 3,000 yen. I didn’t do baths though. Maybe that’s why.

  49. My apartment is especially annoying. I cant adjust the temperature.So i guess in the winter especially it uses a shit load of energy to heat it and it comes out the tap at least 45C. Makes sense why my bill is so high no matter what.

  50. Im on LP gas. I just hate wasting money. I workout at night so it doesnt even impact my routine at all. Its just the difference between showering at them gym vs doing it as soon as i get home like before. Couldn’t believe the monthly fuel charge in winter. I live alone and it was north of 12k yen. I’d much rather spend that on a hotel later in the year or something. People with toshi gas probably wouldn’t save much by doing that though, its already half the price.

  51. BoJ is going to start buying yen. Thats really the only thing they can do.

  52. Well its not that simple. Yea buying yen, but likely by selling their US treasuries. Japan is the largest foreign holder of US treasuries in the world. If they dump them all and buy yen it will certainly strengthen it against USD significantly. The US likely wouldn’t want that to happen however.

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