1. Solo poly is absolutely a trauma response for me, but it has allowed me to develop a foundation where I feel safe by myself and am then willing to take risks by growing closer to people, because I know I will always be okay on my own.

  2. You’re looking for ways to cheer your partner up when they’re having relationship struggles. That’s very sweet and the romantic weekend sounds wonderful. Maybe some smaller date nights between now and then would help too.

  3. The gross part is interesting and love getting this diffrent viewpoint to think about. I don't ever try to be gross and want to respect everyone at play. For me I discuss with her she should not hide she has a husband, even that I'm into her dating other men and checking in with your husband quickly seems like a rather normal thing a wife would do and visa versa if it was the other way around.

  4. It gets kind of gross specifically because you gaining that information has the potential to turn you on because of your kink.

  5. It absolutely is rude. It makes your partner in control of what you do with another person. Just put on location tracking and if you’re pressed, look at that and figure out where spouse is.

  6. I know you, mtfuckface-wise-and-experienced-contributor, are not suggested unauthorized location tracking but just for anyone ELSE who might wonder:

  7. Honestly, button molds are probably super cheap and the factory was willing to do it for little extra cost.

  8. You made this? I use it as backup to my physical dice all the time :)

  9. Buying dice is 100% going to be easier and cheaper than the effort of creating the print files, getting them printed, and filling faces. You almost certainly won’t nail it on your first try so you’ll probably have to do this multiple times. I can’t imagine this being worth it for a single gift, even though it’s very sweet and thoughtful to try to make something.

  10. No, I don't think it's realistic to find someone who is willing to have children with you while you are living with someone else (and/or his new person would have to move in with you and your current partner).

  11. How did you become friends and develop your friendship to this place?

  12. We met in university doing improv club together and I trained him to run the club after I graduated. Then we lived near one another and I invited him to board game nights and started playing D&D together. At one point I had another close friend pass away and he was the person I turned to for support because he is so thoughtful and empathetic, and the emotional intimacy took off from there.

  13. Plenty of conversation on the governance forum about this:

  14. Thanks, i can try disconnecting myself from that idea just like you did and take the control but idk if i will succeed. I do like it when someone else takes a little initiative, but i dont mind trying.

  15. I feel like you’re getting a lot of shit for something that isn’t up to you, which is that your partner (A) prefers penetration to other forms of sex.

  16. Thank you, the likely hood is high that it will eventually come up, because we talk about sex, and if you live with someone then you often know when their periods are because we share a bathroom. I was already planning on using the words “sensory issues”, to make it my fault and not theirs. I have mild autism so it would be an explanation that makes me the one that is weird not them. Because they aren’t weird for having chunky periods. I’m just wondering if I should bring it up before they ask or after? Because I don’t know if talking about it after makes it seem like I’m hiding it.

  17. Figuring out when the best time would be is something strangers probably can’t help with. That sort of thing is so dependent on who your partner is and what they prefer.

  18. Anything labeled Cusdie is usually Udixi. I believe the guy running Cusdie is attached to Udixi in some way and exclusively sells Udixi. You can find some of the versions of this set that exist on the Udixi website:

  19. I support anything TeeJay says. She’s on top of it 👍

  20. Links to the stores selling them would be more helpful. The SKU often tells you who makes them (Udixi, clearly stated on the DnD Dice side where the first grey photo is from).

  21. If you aren’t living together, ‘nesting’ seems odd. People generally mean they are sharing a nest/home with their nesting partner.

  22. He's delusional to think that having a baby in his home won't dramatically change his capacity. This is kind of an objective fact - a baby in the house changes things.

  23. Surely if she sees you regularly and knows that your hair...grows...she knows and is fine with you getting your haircuts elsewhere. I wouldn't ask her to do it for free but a bang trim is a normal thing to ask and pay for in my area.

  24. Have you considered that maybe the door was harder to open than usual and so she decided not to bother struggling with the trash and a door?

  25. This is SO fucking funny because I don't drink and assumed exactly the same thing and wondered why such a thing was illegal.

  26. That all sounds logical to me. But if they’re going to take money from people and drop one or more orders like that, perhaps they shouldn’t have businesses anymore or should not be allowed to take money from customers without having the product to deliver?

  27. “Allowed”? By who? These people are running under-the-table businesses with no regulations. There’s no governing body here.

  28. Yes being busy helps I think a big problem there is that I am kind of dipping in and out of depression atm which sucks the joy out of many things.

  29. Actually have the audio book but I think I need the paperback to actually use it. ^

  30. Yes, I think it is a book worth having in a hard copy for annotations and reference.

  31. Hosting is a goal for me and I dislike sharing space so much that I intend to live alone forever to support this. I love having my people visit me and be comfortable in my space. I view my home as an extension of myself.

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