1. 8 x 8 you heard It here first. He loves Boston and will take 2 mil under market value, but still will be 2nd highest paid on team

  2. I mean, a lot of batters struggle in Low A simply because pitching can't find the strike zone. People tend to be more aggressive batters to try and compensate.

  3. Matthews, Pastrnak, Ovechkin, Connor, Draisaitl are near locks in my mind if they stay healthy.

  4. Jack Studnicka. I think Monty will be really good for his development. He's showed it so far in the Preseason with some gorgeous primaries.

  5. Based on what? He's never shown up. Monty or not it's not going to matter, he isn't driven.

  6. methinks this could be the end of Gallo, and if not, he will only get a 1 year deal from like Pittsburgh

  7. Hes a 25 year old with 47 career GP and couldn’t crack a bad NJ lineup last year. Let’s temper expectations PLEASE

  8. I definitely don’t view my dog as just an object and I literally do not know anyone who has had a dog die from coming off their flatbed. The only people I know who have had dogs die driving is if the dogs hang themselves on a leash after falling out. I.E. When they’re fucking ‘secured ‘ as you say. I don’t live a backwards ass life, nor in Idaho, nor do I live off federal dollars because I’m not a socialist leech. So basically everything you said is false and stupid and you shouldn’t attack things you don’t understand.

  9. Haha, hey dickweed, why don’t you look up which states take the most federal dollars per capita. In case you’re too lazy, here’s the list

  10. Wow you’re so ignorant it’s hilarious. I also work for a vet, and I know that where I’m from it really doesn’t happen, especially because it’s hard for dogs to be strangled if they aren’t tied up lmao. Lastly, I’m from none of those states, I’m actually from California, not one of your so called “cousin-fucker” states so before you take an incredibly offensive and small minded view on things, maybe learn something. I have never capitalized on government funding to substitute my own pay, nor do I intend to. The name calling really doesn’t behoove you sweetheart you should try something else. I do let my dog ride inside with me, because I don’t mind the fur, but other people may do with their pets as they see fit, and like I said I have never known someone to have lost a dog off a flatbed. And yeah falling out of truckbeds can happen as well, usually it’s a product of poor training. Those with livestock and animals drive cautiously when they have animals in tow as well, and those that don’t have dead livestock. You also live in a city, so your knowledge on these matters obviously has its limits. Also Karen, I’m so glad you have a Mr. degree in veterinary sciences, makes me so glad to know your wife has accomplished more than you, but weird flex. Might also want to know you’re speaking to an animal science student as well. I really am not that pressed but it’s hilarious that you are.

  11. Arguing like a child because you are a child. Makes sense. Maybe read your response again and you’ll realize that you’re not refuting any facts that I’m stating and taking everything very, very personally. Sounds like an inadequacy complex. Good luck with your animal science degree and the rest of community college, kiddo.

  12. Hey man, these one way voters don’t like facts, even when asked to present them. I will not be voting Tina and I’m a registered Democrat. She has an awful track record on accountability and homelessness. She will promote the “socially conscious” agenda even if it benefits the least amount of people.

  13. I actually really appreciated the response I got above. It gave me some perspectives and details I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

  14. I really don't think every major city is dealing with the homelessness like we are. I was just in Chicago last weekend and I visit Boston multiple times a year. Not even remotely the same.

  15. It rains here for 6 months, then doesn't rain for 6 months. So yes this is what grass looks like now. However when everything is VIBRANT green in December you will probably be asking the same question.

  16. It rains here for 8-9 months, then doesn’t rain for 3-4 months. Remember, our rain didn’t stop until July 4th this year.

  17. true, these 3-4 months of no rain make it feel like 6 months because its so drastic. Truly very scant droplets, less than half an inch for 4 months straight.

  18. I’m hoping with Cabreras recent success, it will allow Peraza to get a lot more playing time in these 9 remaining games since we have the 2 seed locked up.

  19. I can see Peraza playing 145 games next year, batting .380 30 HRS 30 STLS 0 Errors...

  20. Making an assumption here, but if there’s anything that simultaneously unites Bruins, Wild and Sharks fans, it’s that Donato seems to have finally found his game and doing well in Seattle.

  21. Unfortunately he is still a one zone player. Always extremely offensively gifted but a mix of being a sub par skater and somewhat lazy defensively limits his upside.

  22. You won’t get the stink eye if you don’t let it sit around for weeks / months. Do your chore when you get the drop.

  23. Fruiting trees grow excellent here. We have a neighbor with persimmons. Figs are always a nice choice. Cherries taste wonderful.

  24. If it is a wife of a high level VP like rumored, that is a huge line to cross and all meetings involving basketball activities moving forward would likely be compromised. Line in the sand moment. Fireable offense for sure.

  25. Wanting comically giant tits with big, hard nipples is dysmorphia but a man wanting to be a woman isn't dysmorphia? I think you have to pick a lane.

  26. Everyone should have the right to be their true selves, and no one else can tell someone who they are or aren't. My point is that the school wouldn't hire a cis-woman with those giant fake boobies bolted on.

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